Dim Sum Inspiration

The week after next Dim Sum is the theme for the weekly fabric contest over at Spoonflower.

The Lantern Festival is in the Fall and everyone gives moon cakes and goes to the flower market for flowers.  The night of the festival everyone lights lanterns and the entire Island is all lit up.   I miss Hong Kong.  I painted this of my daughter, Sarah during one of the festivals we attended when we lived there.

Designing this collection reminded me of the festival and seemed the perfect time to create these.

I remember sitting at a large table with my family, while servers brought stacks of steamers filled with all kinds of Dim Sum delights.  In the background played lovely Chinese music and the noises, tastes and laughter were all part of the experience.

I remember going for Dim Sum in a little restaurant in Happy Valley in Hong Kong.   I love dumplings, so designing this collection was fun.

The colors for this contest are restricted to the ones that they chose for the theme.  Making it usually difficult to create something that you both love and fits the restricted color pallet.  Not so for this one.  The colors seem to fit the theme perfectly.

So, here is Dim Sum for Nine, the fabric I chose for the contest.  And here it is made up in the fabric I chose.

I used the Dim Sum Stripe as a napkin and the fabric as a tablecloth.  Pull up a chair and grab some chopsticks.  We're ready for some dumplings.

While we are on the topic of Asia, how about some Japanese Kimonos for fabric?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How cute is this pattern. It looks so different from what you usually design. You must have had fun with it! Hugs!

Vee said...

That is a sweet pattern...love the stacked bowls...are you planning a trip to Hong Kong some day? I hope that you get to return for a visit.

Sarah said...

Karen, you continually amaze me with your creative talents. Each one of your collections is uniquely yours. I always find each one totally charming, but so different from the previous. I also love the way your collections reflect your experiences in life. Great idea to make a table cloth and napkins.

Marcia Pilar said...

I'm so glad you included a photograph of the fabric used at your table. It literally comes to life. I love it...and dumplings. :)
Dim Sum, a Lantern Festival in the fall...oh my...sounds heavenly. How exciting to have experienced Hong Kong, especially to have shared it with your daughter.

Always a pleasure visiting, Karen.
Have a beautiful weekend.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH now isn't this a delicious idea, Karen! I love how you have done a French theme, now Asian. What's next? Dutch? Latino? SCANDINAVIAN????? The world's the limit! Anita

Dolores said...

I love the patterns you've designed and the painting of your daughter is so cute!
Having 4 Chinese grandchildren....makes me love Chinese designs and music...thanks for sharing.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello there, Karen! Thank you for your thoughtful comment; all is well. My second exam, the one for which I was waiting a result, came back negative. WHEW...all of these moments help prepare us (I HOPE!) for something else one day. I pray YOU are well. You are so kind my friend. Anita

Beverly said...

This is just perfect, Karen. I always love your designs and shared memories.