A Snowy Secret Garden

During the Holidays a lovely lady named Dorit told me that she had ordered one of my large decals from my Spoonflower shop called Winter Wonderland Gazebo.  She framed it in a large chunky white frame and created a vignette in the surrounding area to create a winter wonderland in her Florida home.

I love snow and here is a song SNOW that will bring you back in time.

When Spoonflower first began offering decals, I couldn't wait to use my photography and put some in my shop along with my other decal designs.

The decals are printed on lovely paper and print beautifully.  Here is some Gazebo notepaper that you can download for your personal use.

This morning Dorit sent me some new photos of her home.  She said that although her Christmas decorations are all put away, she has kept her winter wonderland scene.

Her cat seems to add just the right bit of coziness to the scene.

I see some of my French Script fabric on her pillow too.  I love it when a customer shares her inspiration and let's me know that she appreciates my designs.

Beautiful Dorit certainly has a gorgeous home and has inspired me to do more photography as decals.

Thank you Dorit.

SNOW…It seems to be snowing everywhere lately.  I was missing snow and the view outside my windows back home in Massachusetts.  My gazebo covered in snow…I have a framed photo in my new home, but I miss snow so much.  Guess what?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HI KAREN! It sure is great to see your post again! It is snowing in places where it usually doesn't and here in Minnesota, we had no school yesterday or today due to extremely low temps. But it seems you are enjoying your new digs and I just want to wish you a wonderful evening! Anita

Kathleen Grace said...

Karen, I would feel bad for you but we have had 47+ inches just this month and I have had all the snow I care to see. May I send you some? Lol. Your designs look absolutely beautiful in Dorit's home! I hadn't seen the decals, I need to run to your shop and take a look!

Vee said...

A little snow kiss just for you, Karen! Dorit does have a lovely home and it is so fun to see your gazebo there!

Claudia said...

So nice to see others who adore one of your images that I always loved too. We need to catch up soon! Hugs Claudia

Dorit Norgaard said...

Thank you Karen for your posting ... very kind of you.
I LOVE the snow on my walls.. and your beautiful pictures of SNOW around your house..
Let it snow... every-where else than FL.. :)

Kristopher K said...

What a fabulous idea for using decals. Your beautiful design has printed so well. Summer sunshine here in Oz, so loving the pictures of a winter wonderland :)

Celestina Marie Design said...

Dear Karen, NC is snowing just for you to welcome you to your new home. I love seeing Dorit's home and adorned with your gorgeous snowy photo decal. Your photography is wonderful and the decals from Spoonflower are amazing. However, it's your talent behind the treasures that make your designs so special.The snow is so pretty although we won't see it here. I'll keep memories from the past growing up in Michigan and living in the Midwest where we had plenty of snow.
Happy Creating and keep inspiring!!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home said...

Hi Karen,
Your gazebo looks lovely framed and in Dorits home!

Yes, we got snow yesterday too. We have about 2 inches. It is very pretty but we are stuck on our mountain top because the roads are icy under the snow. So I am sitting by the fire all cozy.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful print, Karen. I absolutely LOVE Dorit's living room, and she's a Florida neighbor. :)
One of these days I'm going to stop by that gorgeous shop of yours and order my long hoped for throw pillow. Would you believe I ordered one from another blogger in December and after paying, I never received it? Got all kinds of excuses and after the last I politely asked her to donate it to someone else. Kind of had an out of body experience having that much self-control, but grace took over. I don't think it would have brought me the joy I typically get from those items in my home.
Off to listen to that favorite White Christmas clip some more.
Enjoy the snow, friend.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I love your artwork and photos, Karen, and your gazebo was a lovely photo! I know you will also find much inspiration in NC.

We had 5 inches of snow a couple days ago, but here that is considered nothing much at all. What I like about our area of Colorado, is that the sun usually comes out the next day and much of it melts. Some people who face south and get a lot of sun don't even have to shovel!