Nesting in North Carolina again

We drove back from Massachusetts to North Carolina, and now I am busy nesting again.

When I was back home in Massachusetts, I was busy creating new pillows for our couches here to add a bit of cottage to our home.

Arriving at our front door, I was so pleased to be greeted with gorgeous red roses in full bloom.

It made me want to take a drive nearby to the Secret Garden I had found last winter.  I was curious to see what was beyond the garden gates.
Yes, it was in full bloom!  I felt just like Mary Lennox seeing beyond the garden gate into a lush and lovely secret garden.
What a thrill it was to walk thru such lovely gardens, lush with greenery and flowers in bloom. The Peonies were in full bloom.

I am enjoying seeing everything in bloom.

Nesting in North Carolina also gives me an opportunity to enjoy making our home cozy.

Nesting is always easier for me when the weather is warm and the flowers are in bloom.  Have you been nesting lately?

Vee said...

It looks very cottage cozy, Karen. I'm so glad that you found that secret garden as it will provide so much inspiration when you need it. Of course, your welcoming roses have a lot of inspiration to offer!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home said...

That secret garden is amazing! I haven't been nesting, I have been busy working outside....I spend more time outside than inside during the summer.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Nesting is one of God's gifts to us, and the animals! It is part of our make up to hunt and gather, to provide for our families as well as our senses, to thank HIM for it all. Lovely space in your NC home dearest Karen! Anita

CelestinaMarie@SouthernDayDreams said...

Hi Karen, What a special time for you in NC. Love your living room setting. The perfect spot to nest, dream and enjoy the season. It is beautiful and I love the framed pic of your girls on the beach.
You decorate everything perfectly inviting. From the front door you can see beauty will be inside.
Lovely secret garden pics too.
Have a nice holiday weekend.

Pondside said...

Your happiness at being home jumps off the post. Yes, I love to nest and right now I'm nesting on the veranda as i plant up pots and baskets and look forward to many afternoons with books and tea cups.