We went to pick out a tree

It was nice weather today to pick out a tree.  Not too cold.

Our town center looks like so many lovely ones throughout Massachusetts.

Not too far down the road is a wonderful nursery where we went to find a tree.
My daughter Ashley and RJ,
and Ashley and Brayden

So, we picked out a tree and loaded it up on the car and brought it home.  I will share more photos when the tree is decorated.

Today is day 14 of our Christmas countdown.  Please take home your Christmas artwork as my gift for stopping by today.
By the way, you know all those gorgeously staged photos you see everywhere?  You know the ones, where everyone looks perfect.  Well these are not some of those photos.  Have a giggle.

 Say "Cheese", or not.
We had lots of laughs trying to catch this little guy.
 So much for Mammaw staging!
 Well, I guess he had enough.  "Let's go find a tree, Mammaw."