Over the river and through the woods, to Grandma's House we go

It was a great memory to watch my Mom with our littlest new addition, Logan.  He's two months old already. I found a beautiful song for your to listen to, sung by Marylee Fairbanks.  It speaks about how quickly our little ones grow.

I am there, I promise.  I am always behind the camera so rarely in the family photos.  Great photo with all those smiles.

It was the first time Mom got to see baby Logan.

My Mom's Birthday was on June 22nd, so we all loaded up the cars and drove to Vermont to visit Great Grandma.  RJ was calling her Gram Gram.  My mother speaks about in a blink of an eye my girls went from tiny hands in hers to having little ones of their own.

We had lots of gifts for her, but I think the photo in the frame that Sarah got her and the book we made of photos for her were a big hit.  She likes to look at the photos all the time because we live about five hours away.

Such a great day.  It was wonderful to see the boys together.


Mom looks wonderful for 90 years old.  She still makes her amazing soup each week and goes food shopping with a friend every Monday.  We are blessed.

Years ago when I was my girl's age, I would visit my Mom out in the Hamptons on Long Island around the same season.  When I got to her home in Water Mill, there were hundreds of Tiger Lillies lining the driveway to greet me.  I think that Tiger Lillies will always remind me of beautiful memories of my Mom.