In love with Instagram

So sorry that I haven't posted in so long.  I am lost and in love in the land of  INSTAGRAM.   The nicest part about Instagram, is that it is a short-hand, if you will for blogging.  You just post a photo and add just a few words and hash-tags to link to your kindred spirits.  Here is the link to my lastest Instagram account.  I post daily, most days several times

Also, I have been lost designing new fabric and product designs for the new year.  This is a pillow of my Shabby Chic Stars design.

I am going to post shorter posts, so that I can post more often.

Meanwhile, I am really enjoying the live Intagram stories in the morning with my cup of tea.

We have had lots of cold weather and snow this winter.  All the more reason to get cozy with another cup of tea.