A Day in North Falmouth on the Cape

When I awoke this morning I knew that my soul needed to be fed. I was approaching burn out, and I had little left to sustain myself no less give away. When I am running on empty the only nurishment that brings me back to life is a trip to the shore. I don't know whether it has to do with being raised on Long Island, only being a short ride to the beach growing up, but I hunger for the ocean every now and again. After I dropped my daughter off at school I headed straight for the Cape.

When I arrived in North Falmouth, at my favorite beach, Old Silver Beach I breathed in the sea air, listened to the rhythm of the waves and began to feel better. I drove around some little roads in North Falmouth and spotted some lovely cape cod cottages along the way. As I drove past a Marina, I just had to drive in and photograph some names I spotted on some yachts. Serenity caught my eye, and I got a kick out of Justin Time. Aren't they Yar...remember when Grace Kelly said that to Cary Grant about their romantic little yacht, in The Philadelphia Story?

I spotted a set of benches overlooking the tip of North Falmouth. I always find benches everywhere in life. This is the first time I saw two together. I thought that maybe it was so that you could sit next to me and take in the view.

This little seagull kept making me feel guilty...Feeeeeeeed me. They are such little beach bums. I watched them for a while, and I noticed that they try to catch a breeze like the surfers try to catch a wave. Totally rad. Come to think of it I always seem to have someone waiting for me to feed them. If I sit in my favorite wing chair, Mittens my cat sits nearby and meows to be fed. If I walk into the kitchen my two dogs look at me with expectation. Whenever my girls are around they are always asking me...what's to eat, what's for dinner? And of course my husband when in the house expects me to be making something wonderful. When I walk upstairs near my daughter, Sarah's room I hear the cockatiels screeching to be fed.

Well, I do feel so much better now after my rejuvenating day at the shore. I am home again and my soul has been fed. I am feeling all renewed, before my crew walks in the door...I got home justin time to make dinner.

hollibobolli said...

This does sound like food for the soul. The pictures are beautiful - the actual photographs, I mean. But your words were so vivid - they were pictures in and of themselves. Thank you for sharing your day. It sounds fabulous. I would love to recharge my soul doing that very thing!!

Thank you so much for your kind words. I so appreciate them.

Big hugs... and eeek - Faith is screaming! Gotta run!

molly jean said...

I feel rested and calmed a bit by looking at you photos.

I would go to mountains if I could, to feed my soul. Yesterday I drove 184 miles to meet a friend who drove about that far from New Mexico. We were meeting in Van Horn, Texas(altitude 4010ft above sea level) so my daughter could go with them for a visit in NM.

I was so tempted to get off the Interstate and take a back road home so I could go up into the mountains. But the roads are few and far between and a detour can add 200 miles or more to a trip! Any way, I saw mountains and a different set of wildflowers and showers on the mountains. It was beautiful!

"I look to the hills, from whence cometh my help? My help comes from the Lord!"

You can certainly spend time with the Him at a beach too.