A Closer Look Into Happiness

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One of my cherished possessions is a little volume signed by the author, Margaret Moore-Jacobs. The name of this treasure is The Secret of a Happy Life. In it Margaret Moore-Jacobs writes short stores reflecting a sweeter time. A time when God was at the forefront of most lives, and people were mindful in all that they did. Families sat down to supper around the same time every evening. and the children were tucked safely into their beds at an early hour.

The wisdom in this enchanting book encourages me to think about designing my own life and that of my family around the sweeter things in life. Her book was published in 1952, but her view of life can be applied to our lives today. Whenever I read her stories I am always comforted. I am inspired by her writing to embrace the simple abundance that surrounds me now and to be thankful. On ever page of The Secret of a Happy Life, the warm memoir rekindles the desire to dwell on what is good in life. I found this little treasure many year ago in a wonderful old book store in Cranbury, New Jersey. I keep it by my reading chair, and whenever I lose perspective I pick it up and read one of her stories. The title is just what the book holds inside, a simple reminder of the secret to having a happy life.

kris hurst said...

This is so lovely and inspiring-thank you for taking me back to a
time when family life was simple and happy without having to worry about what the whole world was up to and what horrible thing is going to happen next.