“It never rains, but it pours”....This week has been one of those weeks. The bank deducted $1500.00 from my account instead of $15.00. Checks are bouncing, charges are being issued and the bank associate keeps telling me that it takes time to fix. My daughter’s school issued a letter saying that she will not receive credit for her second semester because she is over the seven allowed absences for the semester. Doctor’s notes which had been submitted each time she had been sick, I suppose have been eaten by the High Schools have dogs? My husband and I have to have so much dental work done that we could have two new cars in the driveway equalling the cost. Today I found out that in addition to the two extractions, six root canals, and gum scraping, I will need to have gum surgery. Yikes...

Sooooooooooo, it may sound crazy but when things are going wrong I go and find beauty. I gave myself a few minutes in the car to take a deep breath, assess the financial implications of what I was just told in there. I shed a few tears to relieve the wind being knocked out of me. I soothed the red eyes with a few eye drops, took a sip from my old coffee, and decided to add some fun to an otherwise bleak day.

I know this may sound a bit trite, but when I get bad news of any kind I either create something, paint something, or find beauty to photograph. Basically I just try to change my mind. Beautiful images, places and thoughts change my mind. As I left the dentist office which is in the nicest part of Boston, I drove down Beacon Street. As I approached the rotary I couldn’t help but notice how that part of Boston resembled Central Park in New York. Beautiful buildings, exquisite shops, fancy hotels with colorful but refined awnings galore. In the center of all this glory is the Boston Public Gardens. I have never been there before, so I thought if I find a parking spot I will go. Low and behold I spotted a car pulling out of a spot. I parked, paid the meter and grabbed my camera.

One step into the park gate and my thoughts drifted from upset and dread to awe. There were the swan boats sailing amongst real swans, ducks and against a backdrop of huge weeping willow trees, green, green grass and park activities. Mothers were walking babies in strollers, people were picnicking on blankets, couples snuggled on benches, kids ran and chased the squirrels. Business men and women in suits enjoyed a take away lunch on benches. Ice cream trucks were parked at the entrances, and the gardeners were tending to the beautiful landscape. An artist stood with his easel and paints capturing the beauty. I was taken with the lovely duck boats sailing on the small lake giving tourists rides. The real swans were beautiful against this magnificent backdrop. One mother swan sat perched on her nest, as the father sat nearby. I leaned over the lake to capture two swans facing each other in a perfect heart. I was so excited, that I blurted out “Oh, a photographers’ dream shot”, meanwhile several real photographs nearby just glanced at me as if I might be one of those eccentric old ladies that sleep in the park. I didn’t care I was surrounded by flickr fantasy land. I couldn’t wait to blog this lovely adventure.

I walked with my camera, capturing each snippet of beauty around me. After taking a few photographs, I realized that my camera battery was running low. Now this was just not acceptable to me, so I looked around to which shop beyond the gates might sell batteries. I spotted a very fancy Hotel and thought that their gift shop would probably sell batteries. I went, they did, and even though the cost of the batteries was the cost of a first born child, I bought them anyway. At least I was able to get some more change for the parking meter. As I exited one of the doors I noticed an awning and sign to the New England Watercolor Society. Oh my, let the magic begin, I just had to go in and have a look see, and when I left I was totally inspired.
Entering the gate facing the Hotel I couldn’t help but notice this wonderful ice cream truck. It was quite hot and I ordered a root beer float with vanilla ice cream. I found a bench in the shade and sat with my float, my camera and lots to see. When I got up I headed for the weeping willows backdrop to photograph the swan boats.

I love to have a soundtrack to my script, and fittingly as I walked beneath the foot bridge I heard a familiar sound. I climbed the small staircase only to be greeted by two young men. One played the mandolin and the other the guitar. The songs were a jazzy beebop kind of genre that would have been selected by Woody Allen for one of his romantic comedies I am sure. The typical guitar case was opened for collection and there were stacks of cd’s that they had created for a mere $3.00. I was thrilled not only was God soothing my soul with all this eye candy, but supplying me with a soundtrack for my script. I bought one and stood at the peak of the bridge admiring all the beauty as I was serenaded by these two young men. My movie was having a happy ending after all.

As I left the park totally refreshed and distracted from my bad news, I noticed directly across the street from where I was parked was the spot where the hit television series called “Cheers” was filmed. They had the sign and flag boasting the word ‘CHEERS’. I recognized that famous staircase...the one that Sam Malone and Woody watched from the window of the bar so that they could see the comings and goings of customers. Back in the 80’s my beau and I would wait anxiously to learn what Diane and Sam were up to in the upcoming episode. I watched for a minute and thought about how the drama of that show has been long forgotten. Just like the drama of my life today, some day it will be long forgotten.

I guess the secret in life to facing those days often described...“it never rains but it pours” is that this too shall pass. Why not change your mind and think and dwell on the good stuff. So, instead of going home from the dentist and getting into bed and pulling the blanket over my head. I took in the opportunity that was set before me. The beautiful day totally soothed my soul and introduced me to some magic that I might have missed. Even though my mascara was a little smudged from an earlier set of tears reacting to a week full of angst...the smile on my face made up for it. I drove home listening to my jazzy beebop soundtrack to keep my mind steady, dwelling on the beautiful sights and sounds I had memorized for my trip home. I thought I might share this story, so that this bit of adversity is not wasted...just in case you have one of those days that Judy Garland sings about. “It never rains but it pours.”

The song for this post is It never rains but it pours sung by none other than Judy Garland
suzie q said...

Such a lovely post, Karen, and so very apt! I'm so sorry to hear of all the distressing things happening to you, but believe me you are not alone! How wonderful that your surroundings could take away your angst, and lead to this post that is healing for all who read it.
Thank you for sharing your problems and your beautiful surroundings. I just cant believe you were sat by the 'Cheers' building! It was one of my favourites for a long time, too. :)
My love & many blessings coming your way...
Suze xXx