Sun Roof Serenade By Old blue eyes, Love from Bluebird

I was driving on the Mass. Pike today and the traffic was terrible. I had to go to Boston, so I waited it out. The normal speed limit is 65 miles per hour, most people from here drive 75 miles per hour and some even drive faster. While I literally rolled to Boston, at 5 miles per hour I had a thought. The sky was so tempting and I didn't dare try to get off to capture the magnificent heavenly sky for fear I would never get back on to the pike. So, I opened up the sun roof, grabbed my camera, put it on the motion setting and started shooting photos of the sky. I was trying to be as discrete as possible. I kind of had my camera pointing up at the sunroof, but I kept one hand on the steering wheel and I looked straight ahead to avoid any fender bender.

Well, I did have my seat belt on and I wasn't on my cell phone...I certainly wasn't speeding. But somehow I think what I was doing was illegal. I wonder what the ticket would have been for photographing the sky.

As I looked at this heavenly sky, I was glad that there was traffic to afford me the luxury of taking it all in. Meanwhile, I could hear Frank Sinatra belt out that wonderful Blue Skies. The collage is a combination of my new blue skies above, and some old ones. I love how many different skies can be described by this lovely song.

I wasn't late for my appointment, and I had the chance to capture the sky and bring it home. Oh, well enjoy.

The music for this post couldn't be anything but old blue eyes singing Blue Skies.