Good Morning

Watercolor sketches in a journal are my favorite thing to do. Especially when I want to just coast into creative land and lose myself for a while. I have a collection of blank journals that would take a year to fill with sketches and favorite words. Everywhere I go, I seem to find beautiful blank journals. Leather bound, hand-made, artisitc, filled with watercolor paper and transparent cover sheets, small ones, tiny ones, and large coffee table size journals.

I am working on a birthday journal, and the possibilities are endless. Just lost in creative land for a while..listening to music, looking out my window to a lovely sunny day. The breeze catches the curtains and they seem to keep perfect rhythm with the music. So thankful for the creative muse at work today.

My mother taught me that whenever you are feeling sad...change your mind and give a gift to someone. So, today I have decided to change my mind and create something beautiful for a favorite friend. Getting lost in the good morning kind of and the creative muse changing our mind.

The music for this post is called Good Morning.
hollibobolli said...

Your mother sounds very wise indeed - and thoughtful.

The watercolors are lovely!!