Back to College

Sarah and Ashley climbing the hills of Tai Tam in Hong Kong

My daughter, Sarah is moving back to college today. I have been working on a birthday journal and trying not to remember that Sarah will not be coming through the door with her gorgeous smile every day. The music isn't playing today and it suits my mood. I guess Sonific is having a problem today, none of the music is playing on any of the blogs. I think you would say that this is art imitating life. I loved having both the girls home this summer. It reminded me of when they were little.

Sarah and Ashley are such a blessing in my life. Ashley is a junior in High School and she is growing up so fast. Ashley is so independent and is always on the go. She offered to help her sister move in today...such a lovely new relationship is forming. I am proud of them both. Once upon a time, I thought that they would fight forever...but now they have their own lives and the differences have become a blessing.

When the girls were home this summer, I could forget for a while that September would steal them again. Here it is, time for them to return to school. Sarah has to leave again, the house will be quiet and Sarah's little Cocoa will be sad. I'll miss her so much, she brightens my day. Ashley will be busy at school, and this year we will visit colleges for her too. I love it when I know that at night the girls are safe at home when I say goodnight. Hard enough to get used to when they first spend the night at some friend's house and then when they drive away in the car driving or with a friend...but now to not know when she wil be home safe and sound. So much faith is needed to be a mother.

Well enough distracting myself, I am off to pack my car, as Ned packs his and Sarah hers. This year she will have her car on campus, so she won't be needing rides from me. She is such a happy girl, and she enjoys college so much. Days like today I wish I weren't such a sentimental fool.

The song for this post is sung by Shirley Temple, the name of the song is Goodnight My Love