My Friend Judy's House

Out of all the homes I have visited, my friend Judy's home is the most charming. Her decorating skills are wonderful, and whether you are in her country kitchen with a real brick floor, or in her living room overlooking the deer friendly are sure to feel cozy.

Judy is forever redecorating little corners, rearranging nicnacs or adding just the right piece to accent her treasures. She recently replaced her old couch with this beautiful yellow couch, which really works so beautifully in the living room.

I only wish I lived closer by, because I miss sipping lemonade with her on her back deck. The warmth of her home welcomes all her friends and family to wonderful dinners, lovely company and a special treat of the eye candy you find everywhere you look.

Judy always teases me about how corny I am, so I couldn't resist being the ultimate corny and asking Nat King Cole to serenade Judy's lovely home. It is unforgettable, but not only because of the beauty you find there, but because my friend Judy lives there. Judy is unforgettable! Love ya Jude!

The song for this post is Unforgettable, sung by Nat King Cole