Pansy pensée

Pansy pensée, originally uploaded by bluebirdsandteapots.

This little guy weathered our hot spell underneath a shady tree. The word pen'see is a French word that means to reflect. This wonderful pansy face made me reflect about how the shadows and light are equally necessary to appreciate it's beauty. I pulled one of my cherished treasures from the book shelf, called Threads Of Gold and read what my good friend Diane had written inside the jacket cover:

"June 1986

Dear Karen,

Though many of the thoughts recorded here are flowery they are the thoughts that get us through our trial. We are here for a reason. We cannot keep asking what it is nor can we guess at His purpose. Surrender and we'll find that we have done His will. It will be clear when it is done.

As all you do in love, accept all in love. Even the evil will not touch you, if you have faith and love. Be not afraid.

Love, Diane"

Little did she know when she wrote this and gave me this wonderful little treasure filled with God's wisdom in beautiful poetry, that I would be comforted by her words countless times over the years.

When I opened up the book, I read this poem:


"Don't wait with longing for the day,
When better times might come your way.
Discard the fears that may depress,
Live now and garner happiness.

It's such a waste to dwell on gloom,
Though you have problems, find the room,
For loving when the path is rough;
For laughter when the going's tough.

To fully live means you must face,
Whatever comes with humble grace.
And if you mourne, turn it to praise,
How much to do, how few the days!"

Amy C. Ellis

Thank you Diane, your gift warms my heart to this day. You have no idea how much you continue to touch my life. Love, Karen

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