Pencils, Pens, & Sketchbooks

Well I did afterall got lost up in a tornado...a tornado of marriage, babies, moving country, little children, moving country, the serious world of art, moving country, teenagers and oh my....where did Karen go?

She has happily landed in blogland and I am following the yellow brick road back to where I began. All these lovely artists have surely inspired me. I have visited their sketching blogs and have been reminded where I began. With pencil, pen and sketchbook in a land within my imagination...where everything was possible, even a horse of a different color.

Better than the land of Oz, in blogland there are beautiful creative muses who create wonder with blogs, podcasts and photos. I never knew that there were so many kindred spirits doodling and drawing out there.

I fell from the sky and I fell very far...back to where I began, with pencils, pens & sketchbooks and an awful lot of space to grow in...and even though I have red ruby slippers, I won't click them at all. I would rather stay in blogland for a while with my pencils, pens and sketchbooks.

The song for this post is of course the music from The Wizard of Oz Munchkinland

Kathleen said...

My, life happens, doesn't it! I'm so glad there are kindred spirits out there, though, that we can share a bit of our lives with !
Thanks for sharing yours with us, Karen!

molly jean said...

I love it Karen! I love your writing and the mug with pens and pencils! I never moved so far but years seem to have flown.
I started out drawing and watercoloring. Then embroidery and quilting... weaving and spinning. I got married had babies and homeschooled. Somewhere in there I started back drawing and occasionally, about one project a year, did a weaving or quilt. Now I do art almost every day! Not that I don't have lots of other things to do.