The Home Journal Magazine

I discovered a wonderful magazine dedicated to tea, it is called Tea Time, and it is filled with pretty pages, information about wonderful places to have tea and all things related to the topic of tea.

Magazines about house and home are always in my magazine rack. I am thrilled to hear that Victoria Magazine is back on the stands. One of my dreams was to someday be featured in a House Beautiful magazine, and my dream came true when we lived in Hong Kong.

There were always so many invitations to tea in Hong Kong. It was so much fun to decorate your home with the treasures available and the amazing fabric for drapes and soft furnishings. I fell in love with my drapes that were a large cabbage rose design...all my friends said I was such the "English rose". I took that as a compliment because I simply love anything British. Well, it was a very expensive idea to say the least, wanting to design a matching tablecloth that would spill to the floor in puddles of material. I put the idea on the back burner, until one day when my husband said that his office was going to the race track in Happy Valley. Happy Valley is a very popular horse track and as a rule we don't like gambling, but I told him to put some of my pin money on horse number seven to win. Well, it did, and I did...get to design this wonderful tablecloth. It is my very favorite thing to use when I have a party. There was a wonderful furniture and soft furnishing store in the village of Wan Chi named Luxhome. They helped me to design our furniture and drapes to look more Western and when we were finished with our little townhouse in Repulse Bay, they asked me if The Home Journal magazine people could stop by and photograph our home. I was thrilled when I was invited to be in The Home Journal magazine, and even more thrilled when they wrote about my home looking English. The Home Journal magazine is similar to House Beautiful here in the States. A lovely keepsake. The photo above was taken today for Monday's Tea Party, the tablecloth is still lovely and I continue to use it for parties of all sorts. The magazine is one of my treasures that help keep all the memories of living in Hong Kong alive for me and my family.
windy angels said...

The tablecloth is gorgeous. How wonderful to be for real in a magazine. Congratulations.
Your home photos are all so absolutely fabulous - every one looks as if from a magazine.
Angels be with you Beautiful one.
Wendy XO