It's A Wonderful Life

My sister, Lynne gave me this wonderful sign that says "It's A Wonderful Life", taken from our favorite movie, directed by Frank Capra, released in 1947 with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed. I have the sign over the window in my art room. When I am in here surrounded by my favorite things, listening to music and creating, I believe it really is a wonderful life.
the feathered nest said...

Ahhh, black & white toile! That room is just beautiful. What a wonderful space to call your own!


windy angels said...

Oh, how could you help but feel "it's a wonderful life" when in this lovely art room. I love it. Thanks for showing it to us,

melissa @ the inspired room said...

It is a wonderful life! I've enjoyed reading your blog!


molly jean said...

Karen it looks beautiful. I am inspired. I have not been doing much art or blogging much these last three weeks with the start of school. And I have been inspired or convicted to work on my home! It needs more than surface cleaning. I need to purge, rethink the use of space, paint, make curtains... When I begin this kind of project the house looks worse before it looks better! Right now it is in the "it looks worse, stage."

Susan said...

Hi Karen,

All of your links are now working again - Yay!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
Your links work.