Please Come To Tea

I was lost in blogland and I found some wonderful places. One of them was a blog called "Make Mine Pink" and on it they had an invitation to a virtual tea. Here is what I read:

"Fill your week with Tea Parties !!!
Starting Monday September 10, have a fun filled week with the
Make Mine Pink Bloggers as they host a virtual Tea Party.

All the information and a list of participating Make Mine Pink Blogs will be posted here on Make Mine Pink's blog~ so watch for more details as September 10 draws closer.

Why Tea Party? Well what can be more fun, tea for two, tea for one, a princess tea, a mother/daughter tea, best friends tea, long lost friends tea, or to just take a moment to slow down and enjoy the tea.

Join in on the fun and host a virtual tea party too. They will be visiting all the Make Mine Pink blogs and yours too if you decide to host your own party.

You will see beautiful and unique tables set for tea; many will have a special theme.
"Make Mine Pink" says, "Will you join us and post a photo of your Tea Party on your very own blog?"

Post a comment on Make Mine Pink’s Blog and we will include you on the list.
So expect many visitors and please have cookies ready. To see their beautiful invitation and read...
Your Invited

I have accepted the invitation and I look forward to visiting all those blogs that signed up for tea. If you would like to join too, just go to the Make Mine Pink Blog leave a comment and you will be included too. Every time I find some treasure of a blog, it makes me think...It's a lovely day today! I have added a few more blogs on my reading room, I am sure after September 10th, I'll be adding even more. Well, it will be a lovely day for a tea party on September 10th.

The music for this post is It's A Lovely Day Today sung by Perry Como.
Sharon said...

Very Nice to Meet You :-)I am glad you are coming to tea! Sharon @

hollibobolli said...

How funny - I've been to the "Make Mine Pink" website - I thought of that when you mentioned it. I'll go check it out!!