Knock, Knock Karen Who?

Every seven years it seems that I must reinvent myself. Be it from a major move, or because I am in the midst of a life changing event. Today is a day rich with familiar feelings and circumstances that are steering me towards being reinvented yet once again.

"Creativity is really the structuring of magic" Ann Kent Rush

During each chapter that I was required to become something new, I have been thankful for the gift of creativity. Creativity always assisted me with the arduous task of becoming something different. I just keep taking all that I have accumulated over the years and restructuring it into something new. The magic always follows after the painful task of changing. I look forward to the process of reinventing myself, I always learn so much. After the stage of insecurity, and missing the chapter that came before, with a little faith I always find my way.

The outcome always reminds me how much our life is just like a huge tapestry. A masterpiece of all that we have been before sewn together with all that Gods knows we can become. Isn't it nice to know that God thinks that we can change and become new again? When I think about it, Autumn is the perfect time to join the cycle of change, afterall the leaves on the trees are a reminder of how each season is represented by the colors of change.

"To bluest skies that arch the way
I lift my thankful eyes today.
The sunlight pours a golden tide
O'er airy forest, green and white;
Pure odors drift the mourning through,
And God has led me hitherto.

Sweet flower perfumes thrill the air
As if from censers swung at prayer;
And sweeter fragrance fills my life,
With all my Father's goodness rife;
He give me roses after rue
And He hath kept me hitherto.

What bliss to take His guiding hand
To trust, if not to understand;
To rest through change and toil and tears
Oh Him whose grand eternal years
In ever living youth are new
And cry, "He leads me hitherto."

From a wonderful old treasure called Winsome Womanhood by Margaret E. Sangster 1900. To think that one hundred seven years ago the spirit of a woman was just as it is today, always changing under the guiding hand that leads us still hitherto.

Well, after a period of great mourning over saying goodby to yesterday's chapter, I am ready to accept the challenge of Changing my tune and magically the music for this post is a Gershwin melody.