Decorating With Tea and Teapot Memories

2361714943_4437a5e6bbDecor-a-Tea La Tea Dah of Gracious Hospitality continues to host her Blog-a-thon about tea. Each week she has given us a new theme. "This is week three, and she asks us to "Share ideas and pictures that incorporate tea and/or tea themes into home decor. Displays, art, prints, fabrics, and collection all count in this category. Do you use teapots and teacups as a part of your home decor? If so, describe how."

When I first was introduced to the Tea that Gracious Hospitality was hosting, I couldn't wait to join. I think that what I love most about the teapots and teacups that you will find around my home, are the memories that they all hold so dear. Whether they remind me of another place, another time, or the memories of sipping tea with my Grandmother, they are unforgettable. Teeny fairy teapot

Happy Monday I once climbed a very steep staircase to get to a china shop, where my teapot lamp used to live in Hong Kong. I found the perfect lamp shade in a lovely part of Toronto where all the interior decorators have shops. It's light warms my heart with the memories of living in both places, as well as lighting this corner of my kitchen.

It seems that in every corner of my home you will find teapots, teacups or something to do with tea as part of the decoration. I just love everything to do with tea. When I am not decorating with teapots, I am painting teapots or tea parties.
Teddy Bear Tea Party DreamsTiny tea is always charming for little guests.

During the years that our family lived in Hong Kong, it was still a British Colony and it was the land of tea. Whether you were attending the proper British tea with friends in their homes or at some tea house, or sipping tea in one of the most famous Chinese tea houses known as the Luk Yu Tea House, you were learning about the intricacies of tea. The array of teapots, teacups and vessels dedicated to the art of tea was truly inspiring. I began collecting teapots and teacups because the inspiration took my breath away.

AbundanceToday as I look around my home at my favorite tea sets, they bring back sights and sounds from another day. Memories of special friends who live in different parts of the world, who once shared a cup of tea. My most cherished teapot, which I often paint was given to me by a special friend Elizabeth Wu, who still lives in China.

My mother gave me this teapot with forget-me-nots on it, and little teaspoons with teapots and stacks of teacups decorating the ends. Teacups and teapots holding special memories hang from my baker's rack.

100_2083Sometimes I have been known to even decorate my garden with a spot of tea.

Spring Tea

Of course serving tea in my dining room is my favorite thing to do. Every time I see my table set for tea using this tablecloth, I think of all the friends over the years who have graced my table for tea.

Now you can visit all the wonderful bloggers at Gracious Hospitality, and see all the wonderful ways that they decorate with teapots, teacups and everything tea. Or perhaps you would like to write a post about how you decorate with tea, and just add your link to the bottom the of the ones you will find here.

The love of tea runs in the family, My sister, Susan makes her own tea, which is shown on my table. When our family was living far away from home and I was so homesick, my sister sent us her Angel Tea and it made everything better. My little daughters believed that if they were sick, only Aunt Susan's tea made them feel better.

My Sister Made ThisHave a lovely tea.Tea with Grandma

For all the unforgettable memories of yesterday, and the ones we are making today sharing our tea in Blogland, thanks to La Tea Dah, I chose the song Unforgettable, sung by Mr. Special...Nat King Cole.
M.KATE said...

Hi Karen, so beautiful tea sets you have there, i love the garden and really wished i could be there sipping tea too, tks for sharing, love this post :)

ceekay said...

Karen, it was so fun to see how you decorate with the tea items. Did you paint the little picture by the minis? It is precious.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Your dining room is INCREDIBLE! We love the fireplace...have a blessed day!

smiles, kari & kijsa

bluemuf said...

Hi Karen,

What beautiful tea settings and memories.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Karen, I love the whimsical teapots and I'm imagining a tea party with the Winnie the Pooh set. ;> My favorite is the "Forget me Not." And, of course, I love that you are using your collection in your paintings!

windy angels said...

Blessings to you too Karen.
You have inspired me to try to take a moment for a spot of tea today also.
Such wonderful tea settings you have. The teapot with the bears is so cute.

red haired angels for you dear one,

ellen b. said...

Oh how lovely. Every part of it. I am admiring the teapot your mother gave you with the forget me nots. the shape is just wonderful. Love the settings for your teas. So inviting and captivating. I want to go from blog to blog for real and sit a spell. My daughter actually has a class this Spring on the art of Japanese tea that she'll get university credits for! enjoy the beauty you have planted around you...

Teri C said...

Karen, you always have the most beautiful photos and things to photo!!! This is a wonderful post again.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I LOVE your tea things and your house.

How much fun it would be to take tea in your dining area. :)

Thank you for taking the time to show us pictures.

A Hint of Home said...

I love your dining room. It's looks so elegant with the fireplace. I enjoyed your blog. It was my first visit. I just started blogging. I'll be sure to visit again.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

What a beautiful blog you have! I love all your tea things, and your house is gorgeous!

I bookmarked you!


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Karen!

Lovely teapots and teacups! Your dining room looks so inviting! How wonderful to have a fireplace right there. What a great place to linger over a cup of tea.

Thank you for leaving my that comforting comment!


Denise said...

Lovely post! I really enjoyed all your stories and appreciated the nudge to enjoy tea more often with friends in our homes. Memories get more precious as the years go by. Your tea room is absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing all the lovely pictures and stories.

Enjoy a lovely Spring week!

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Karen!

We have so missed your beautiful blog! We are back home for a short while, we could not wait to visit with you! We have so much to catch up with on your blog! The weather in Melbourne, early Autumn, the leaves are changing colour now, today is very windy and with cooler temsp, that is the perfect time for curling up in an armchair with a cup of tea (and the laptop!) and savouring your every picture and post! Thank you for always sharing such loveliness, it is so nice to come home to.

We echo the words of above, your dining room is truly beautiful, a perfect place to share tea with a friend! We will visit again when we can but know we are thinking of you often with fondness.

Enjoy Spring Karen!
Jenn and Jacqui

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

Dear Karen, your post is beautiful. You have such a special collection of tea pots and more importantly, the memories to go with them. Thank you for sharing each one. ~Kathy

Me said...

What neat teapots you have - I like reading the history behind the different teapots. Your Forget-me-nots teapot is very charming!


Tara said...


I so love this post and your collection. HAving tea is a sacred thing I do with my Mom. We once did high tea in Charleston, being a New Yorker this was a big deal!

It just makes you slow down, having tea!Now, move over and make room for me at that incredible diningrm table!

Minnesota Kathi said...

Hello Karen...I somehow missed your tea stories the past few weeks, thank heavens you dropped by to say hello today. Your home and tea sets are so beautiful, your dining room is amazing,so beautiful. Thank you for sharing some of your wonderful home and memories :)

Karla said...

What lovely things you have! Thanks for sharing!

Millie said...

Hi Karen
Tea in your garden or in your dining room would be a special treat!

Mary Isabella said...

Everything is simply stunning....Mary

La Tea Dah said...

What a lovely tea setting! I enjoyed our post very much, as it provides a soothing and calming bit to my busy day. I cannot decide what I like the very best --- I liked each element you presented in your tea decor post. My forget-me-knot flowers are blooming and would make a lovely centerpiece. You have a teapot to match. . .and I have the matching teacup and saucer and dessert plate. Shall we have a spot of tea together?

:) LaTeaDah

PS: Second post; not sure why my previous comment from a day or two ago didn't show up. :( Sometimes blogger doesn't like me! LOL!

Carrie said...

What a wonderful collection of teapots and cups you have. And such a marvelous dining room!

Rhondi said...

I just love visiting your blog. You bring so much beauty to blogland. What a beautiful dining room, and that window is gorgeous! The tea set on the table reminds me of my aunt who had the same one. It was so nice to hear all your memories connected with the teapots. As you know I am a tea lover so I better get over to Gracious Hospitality and sign up.Hope you have a wonderful day.
Rhondi xo

Miss Sandy said...

Oh how I'd love to repose in your garden and sip a bit of tea! All your tea pots are so fun! Love the blue cup and saucer serving up auntie's tea, precious!

Pam said...

Your dining room is so beautiful and inviting. Looks like Royal Albert china on the table, too!