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Life is a Breeze

I have been busy coloring my Etsy store with lots of creations. I realized that Mother's Day was approaching, so I chose some feminine pieces, and for the new mother I added something for the nursery. For the mom who loves to scrapbook, or collage, I added a package of prints. Mother's Day is Sunday, May 11th.

The Support Rep I am a printer girl by nature. I actually worked with computers before I started painting, so I have been storing things on my computers since 1982. Back in the late 70's I worked for Xerox in their computer division in Manhattan. I was a Support Rep who taught people how to use word processing equipment. I had the good fortune of working on the Star Professional Workstation, the first of it's kind back in 1980. This wonderful device later was purchased by Steve Jobs and through his genius was turned into this glorious Mac that I sit at today.

It's A Wonderful LifeOver the years I have stored lots of graphic designs on my computers.

New England Bride Now, what to do with the hundreds of graphics on my computer and all that I had learned about printing affordable prints and using lovely papers? Then I was introduced to Etsy and found so many artists who shared my vision.

Having an Etsy shop gives me an opportunity to share affordable art. I remember when I had my first apartment and I couldn't afford artwork. I vowed that if I ever became an artist I would offer artwork at reasonable prices. Wonderful Etsy gives me that platform and I am thrilled, In January of this year, I opened my little store.

I added a few new things to my Etsy shop this week. I decided to add some 5 x 7 prints of a few paintings like the one above called The New England Bride. I painted this oil on canvas in 2002. The print is done on a 100% cotton canvas, which seems to enhance the texture even more.

Beginnings is another 5 x 7 print on canvas. The original painting is a watercolor painting, which I painted in 1988.

The Teddy Bear and Friend was painted for my daughter's nursery years ago in 1992. The print is another 5 x 7 print on 100% cotton canvas.

lily of giverny mini easelI love doing mini canvases, and this one is a canvas print on a mini canvas. The original painting is called Lily of Giverny and is an oil on canvas. This size mini canvas is presented in a gift wrap ready to give as a present. I have one in my daughter's doll house and it is sized a perfect doll house room size.

The Gardens of Graphix, Blossom CollectionOne of the things I thought of doing was providing crafters, scrapbook artists and mixed media artists with original graphic designs to add to their own artwork without worrying about copyright issues. My permission to use my artwork prints to incorporate into other designs for resale would be my pleasure. The Gardens of Graphix is my imaginary place where I house the hundreds of graphic designs that I have done over the years. I have decided to offer them in packages by theme. This first one is Blossoms, and I will be adding themes called Children's artwork, Asian, and Cottages soon. They can also be used inside a frame. I thought a few different sizes would work nicely.

The Garden of Graphix, Blossom Collection

I am working with a new size mini canvas, it measures 3 1/2 x 5 inches, the size of a postcard. This one is of my Beginnings painting. A smooth satin finish print mounted on canvas and trimmed with blue satin ribbon. This one is sold with an easel.

Beginnings Mini Print Canvas

Now what shall I do with this dragon? The Rainbow Dragon

Monet's Fairy with fairydustAnd how about all these faeries that live in the Garden of Graphix? Monet's Fairies

The Bicycle BlogI am going to ride into Etsyland and color my world in art!

The song for this post is My Life, a tribute to Billy Joel. He continues to write my favorite music and bookmark each chapter with a song.

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Cherish the Home said...

I'm so glad to see you adding more things to your Etsy shop, I'll have to check them all out soon. (o:

Many Blessings!

Tara said...


Honestly, your work is stunning, really stunning!

KarenHarveyCox said...

A friend wrote to me and said that she was having difficulty leaving a comment. So, I thought I would just write one and see if I encountered the same problem. Have a lovely day.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Lovely watercolors!
My favorites are the flowers~