Rainbow Promises

Rainbows, originally uploaded by bluebirdsandteapots.

I was driving home late yesterday afternoon and I spotted this huge rainbow. I couldn't quite get the entire rainbow into view to photograph the whole thing. In some spots it looked like a double rainbow.

My creation
So I shot pieces of it and stitched it's magnificence into a mosaic.

My creationI could not believe how long this rainbow lasted. I drove to two different locations around the lake to photograph it best. As I stood in amazement of how long it was still in the sky, these words whispered into my memory.

"God's Word endures forever, So, His promises are forever too."

My creationRainbows always make me stop, and remember it's promise. So, I am sending you Rainbow promises for your day.

Blessings, Karen

Faith Hill sings Over The Rainbow so beautifully, she touches my heart with her voice.

Rainbow Celebration
Beverly said...

Oh, I'm so glad you shared your rainbow. They always make me stop, too. A spectacular work of God and nature right there for us to enjoy.

Alison Gibbs said...

what a beautiful rainbow

Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

Lovely! Lovely! Lovely!
Isn't is wonderful to be reminded of God's love and promises? :)

Treasure Barn said...

How very very beautiful! The song is breathtaking right along with the rainbow. It amazes me just how many beautiful things God has given us. He does such prestine work!

Where did you get that stamp icon? That is wonderful! Thanks so much Karen for sharing your experience. These pictures are so wonderful! The sky was just perfect for the background.


Hello Karen,

Great shots and thank you so much for sharing! Everytime I see one, I make a wish really, really hard!


Cami said...

I am always looking for my personal rainbow...

M.KATE said...

Karen, my fav pictures and subject of all times! Rainbows! when i was young-er, i always wish upon something whenever i see a rainbow, it's like a hope for me and so glad to say, all my wishes have been fulfilled..so far :) tks for sharing this, i really love the rainbows :)

Mary Isabella said...

That is the most beautiful rainbow ever!! Wish I could copy these pictures of it. They are the most gorgeous photos....Wishing you a beautiful Monday...Mary

JanMary said...

Oh I love rainbows - and they remind us of God's faithfulness. Thanks for sharing.

Donna said...

What a beautiful rainbow!
I love rainbows.
Love the song too!

Rue said...

Hi Karen :)

That rainbow was so beautiful. I love it when they show up.

Oh and Faith Hill could sing the Oscar Meyar bologna song and I would love it ;)

Have a beautiful Monday.

Our Red House said...

What beautiful photos.


Jen Glover said...

Thank you for your beautiful comments and gorgeous pictures! Happy Monday!

Kathleen Grace said...

Wow, the photo of that rainbow is so sharp and clear, it must have been really spectacular in person:>)