Mittens always finds the cozy corners

This is another favorite place I love to sit and read, especially this time of year when the windows are open and the Spring breeze is so lovely. My cat Mittens is eighteen years old, she is an old world traveler. She was born in Princeton, New Jersey then moved to our first home in Hong Kong and to our second home near the beach. She moved to Oakville, Ontario and then to Toronto to enjoy a large home with our late dog Twinks. Mittens moved back to Princeton to our tiny condo, with the family and nine hamsters. Now she is finally settled in our home of five years with our two dogs Samantha and Cocoa. She still loves it when I read. She used to snuggle when I read to the girls, or when my husband and I would read in bed, there she would be. When you open a book, Mittens the bookworm is very nearby to listen to the words spoken, or to relish in the peace found in the silence of words read.

Vintage Treasures and a Bouquet, what a nice day...

The poetry of scriptureI love to collect words. I keep them in journals and computer files and on scattered bits of papers found in books and calendars. I tuck notes safely in special places in my home and car, just in case I might need encouragement along the way. When words are strung together in just the right stream, poetry is born. Awesome speeches ring in the ears of millions, a beautiful story is told, we learn a fact that changes our lives. Encouraging words become a thought that dances around an otherwise hopeless situation.

Old Book StoreWords...we wake up to them speaking to us in the morning and whispering to us before we fall fast asleep. Words can warn us, as we hear words that contradict the truth in our hearts. Words can change a melody into a grand praise celebration, or a melancholy lyric can make us feel sad. Lovely words dance in our minds and paint encouragement, inspiration and dreams. Words are the gift that was meant to receive and give away.

Watercolor sketches & wordsWords encourage us to march on, or deplete us of our energy. Words warn us of impending dangers or entice us into trouble. Words enchant the brokenhearted and mend relationships of every kind. Words can paint a picture, they can make us cry or create a new invention or give birth to a new idea.

My creation

Words are a special gift from God to manifest our reality. It is our choice how we use our words. We can listen to the small inner voice and take part in the whole of creation. Whenever I am around people who speak negative or critical words, I replace those words with positive, uplifting ones to find my balance.

collage final

God gave us his word to teach us and to encourage us. We can continue to create beauty and love, using our words as our paint brush, to plant a word seed that will bloom into a positive blanket of inspiration.

Notes in a JournalWords can make us better people, encouraging us to reach our dreams. Careless words spoken and taken to heart can keep us from becoming what God intended us to be.

Words are so powerful, here are just a few:

Let these words dance in your mind without experiencing a dose of joy romping within your heart. Breathe in the oxygen and power that they are meant to give, to use as stepping stones towards attaining your heart's desire.

I pray every day for God to guide my mind and my mouth. To use the gift of words to encourage, love and support those around me. I ask God to help me not to be careless with these treasures. Most of all I thank God every day for giving me the free will to use the gift of words to manifest the truth and to create my life.

Mittens The Pillowcat.
I think that Miss Mittens is a very wise cat, as she rests waiting for someone, anyone to open up a book so that she can snuggle and read along too, or just purr amongst the peace.

My creation
I know that we can create a wonderful place for ourselves and those around us by giving the gift of words. I love reading poetry and those incredible authors that make the words that they string together seem like a melody. Maya Angelo, who composes glorious streams of words in her poetry for the world to savour and enjoy said it best:


mittensI want to create my life with beautiful words, words to dance with and words to share, and most of all words to use to inspire others. The song for this post is Thankful by Josh Groban. When he wraps his beautiful voice around the words of a song he celebrates words, and as I listen he takes each word and comforts my soul.

Beverly said...

Your words today speak to my heart. Our words have incredible impact - both positive and negative.

If only we would all realize that once they are spoken, we can't take them back.

You speak and write with a kind spirit.

Donna said...

You are a beautiful person, Karen, and your words have spoken to me today, what a wonderful post.

Teri C said...

Gosh, I love coming here! You lift my spirits everyday.

Ms Dragonfly said...

you lost me at the cat :D this last pic is especially good!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

There are a few people on other blogs I just wish I could sit down and have tea with. You are definitely one of them. :)

Your kitty makes me miss Storm a great deal. She was my reading partner. She especially loved it in cold weather when I'd put my flannel housecoat on and stretch out on the sofa to read. She'd curl up on the flannel and snooze while I read.

There was a time after she had to be put to sleep that I couldn't read on the sofa at all. She also moved a great deal. She and Sasha (litter sisters) were born in Iowa and lived in various other Midwestern cities and states. :)

Cami said...

I pick one word at the beginning of each new year to focus on and help me grow. This year I chose ABSORB. As in letting my roots fully take in vital nutrients. A time of replenishing. Ali Edwards started this idea 1/1/2007. I've gone from NEST to ABSORB. And Mittens is adorable. My Kisses lived 17 years until her health declined and we had to have her put to sleep. She was with me through all of my 20's and most of my 30's. We shared a lot. Enjoyed this post.

Kathleen Grace said...

What a wonderful post Karen!
Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. Proverbs 16:24

GreenishLady said...

These are beautiful words, gathered together so thoughtfully. And your images are so restful and peaceful. I love to think of your book-loving cat.

Rhondi said...

Dear Karen
Your blog always ministers to my soul and my spirit. When I read your blog your words echo my thoughts exactly, but I don't have the talent that you have to put it into words. We have always had
cats and they loved to sit nearby in the morning when I would have my time with the Lord. When we would have our home group bible study at our house the cats would come wandering in to the room when we began to pray. We all agreed that the cat was sensitive to the Holy Spirit because of hanging around me every morning! I miss having a cat, but for now we aren't going to have one.
The reading spot you showed us is beautiful. I have the same fabric as on your curtains. I had planned to recover the dining room chairs seats with it, but went with red toile instead. I still may do the black in the fall.
Thanks for sharing your heart with us. Love the music today. We saw Josh in concert. It was fabulous!
Karen, your blog is my favorite!

Alison Gibbs said...

Great post karen
Have a great weekend

Treasure Barn said...

I love your post. Again you have inspired me. Your house is beautiful. Looks like you have a designers eye. Mittens is amazing to have traveled that far in her life. She is so precious and I love your blog. I

I don't get to visit everyday but I just love your posts. They are so uplifting.

I am so glad to have found you.

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Karen, This was a wonderful post! Miss Mittens looks quite cozy on that beautiful green chair!


Jen Glover said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing! Have a great weekend!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Karen, this is a wonderful post. First I have to tell you I LOVE the first picture of your favorite reading chair. That room is so warm and inviting.

I love to read too, fiction, history, poetry...words are truly amazing...

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

Dear Karen, your beautiful writing is one of the reasons I love blogging. I finally accepted your invitation and wrote my "10 reasons I love blogging". Please stop by soon. ~Kathy

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

My goodness, Karen! This is a beautiful post! And I really needed to hear this message this evening, so a BIG thank you for YOUR WORDS!!! I was taught something about God's love for us when I was little, and it goes like this: "Joy cannot be turned into sorrow; nor is hope a cheat." In other words, we can be joyful all of the time, and when we have hope, hope never leaves us stranded. =)

Rue said...

Good morning Karen :)

Yours was the first blog I read today and I'm so glad it was. You use words beautifully.

I love Miss Mittens. What a well traveled cat and I'm sure she is very wise.

Have a beautiful day.
rue :)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Ms. Karen, Good Morning...beautiful post today as always. My kitty is 18 yrs. old too and still acts like a kitten. I love the fabric in the drapes behind your reading chair. You not only have the eye for the rights words but the eye for decorating too. ~ :) Lynn