Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, originally uploaded by bluebirdsandteapots.

While enjoying the Park in Boston the other day I couldn't resist photographing the American Flag peeking through the trees against the backdrop of a gorgeous blue sky.

Boston Swan boats

fence perspectiveThe Boston Common is the oldest public park in the country, and while I was in Boston on Friday and the sky literally took my breath away I had to stop by the park. Huge puffy white clouds against a gorgeous vivid blue sky. Musicians serenaded the park's guests, while children played, people picnicked and people on their lunch hours took a lovely stroll through the park.

The lilacs were in bloom.


I love all the statues in the park.


The swan boats are such inspiration for so many artists. I have often seen artists painting in the park in the summer. I took these photos of the park last summer.


I love Boston, it has that wonderful feeling that you can put your arms around the city. The old buildings, the history and this incredible park.

My creation, originally uploaded by bluebirdsandteapots.

Did you know that the restaurant "Cheers" from the original TV show is just across the street from the park? Well, I found the music "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" from the original soundtrack from the television show.

CHEERSwhere they filmed the show Cheers

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

My creation

My creation
tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Awesome, touching, inspiring...thank you!

M ^..^

cecilmil said...

the photos are very beautiful,

. said...

Lovely park. And the lilacs are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Where's the TEA?!! lol ;)
What a beautiful place, Karen, and your photo's are wonderful.
Have a lovely weekend...
Blessings, Suze xXx

Linda said...

Hi Karen,
Beautiful photos, gorgeous sky, lovely city and a wonderful post.
Cheers Linda

Beverly said...

I did have a wonderful time. I've never been to Boston, and you made me feel like I was there. Great pictures.

Susan said...

Boston is so beautiful. This is another city I would love to visit. Your photos capture such a happy mood!

Heather said...

What a fun outing that must have been! The park is beautiful. How fun that Cheers is there right across from the park.
I love your cloud/sky photos. Absolutely gorgeous. I think people forget to take the time to look up sometimes. :)
Have a great weekend!
-Heather :)

Mary Isabella said...

Your post!!! The pictures, your words, the music. All of it was and is so wonderful. I felt as though I was on a mini vacation and your were my tour guide....Have the best rest of the weekend ever....Mary

Grand Life said...

From a rock bottom beginner I must say - You are really good at this blogging thing. Great photo's and music when we scroll to the bar. I'll be back to ask for help in 3 years when I'm a little better at this. Have a great week

Anonymous said...

The blue of the sky in that first photo matches the blue of your blog perfectly. I would love to visit Boston one day. It is so steeped in history.



Hello Karen,

Oh, great memories of Boston! Visited twice, what a beautiful town...Thanks so much for these wonderful photos to remember.

Warm regards,


toothfairy said...

We have taken our children to Boston in the past and have enjoyed this park and a ride on the swan boats too. We had rootbeer floats at the Cheers bar and found it to be a great city to visit. Thanks for bringing back such fond memories! Jan@daylilylane

Tara said...


we were here too, at a soccer tournament!

CIELO said...

Beautiful post! I'm so thankful for those amazing men and woman who sacrified it all so that I can now leave in this amazing country in freedom! Thanks for sharing these thoughts....

Happy day


Rue said...

I've been to Boston one time as a teen and we stayed at the Four Seasons (thanks to my aunt's impending marriage to a bostonian), which I think is right across from that same park, because I remember someone saying that one of the buildings was the cheers bar. The city was beautiful, but I also remember being attacked by a herd of squirrels in that park LOL

Have a wonderful evening,

Donna said...

Boston is a lovely place. Beautiful photos!
Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day!

pam said...

Just me again, I would love to take that boat ride with my kids looks like lots of fun.