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Happy Tuesday and if you haven't already noticed I changed my blog to reflect a summer look, but I will probably add a new header from time to time. I love creating pretty things. Creating pretty things is my passion, and sharing them is my joy. I have a gift for you. I have created these header designs for you.

For those of you who already are experienced at web design, own Photoshop software, or feel comfortable going into scary code on your template page, this post is not for you. However, feel free to use these images as my gift.

If you are like me and long to make a pretty blog with minimal effort, expense and find all that code daunting, this post is for you.

One of my favorite doodles is using Flickr Toys. It is free, fun and fantastic. Some people have written to me and asked me about my headers and my mosaics. I am not a web designer, and I don't even own Photo Shop. I use a simple software sometimes called Microsoft Picture It because it is easy to use, and very inexpensive. Mind you, I bought this software years ago when it was only $30.00. I think that the newer versions are a bit more money, but probably have oodles more features.

I have tried many softwares over the years, but how can you go wrong with Microsoft? It is compatible, user friendly and gives me just enough features to use. So, I create a header with Flickr Toys and then I enhance it with Microsoft Picture It. I have done this so often that it takes me just a few minutes to do. I keep skatey-eight pretty enhancements on my fickr ready for me to use when I create a post.

I love blogging and to me blogging has become my new art medium. I take a few words, add pretty images, perhaps a video and then find the perfect music to compliment the post. I get just as much joy when creating posts as I do when I am painting a painting. Only to me it is much better because there is a magical ingredient added to all this creativity...all the lovely people here to share it with.

When you visit Flickr Toys you will find lots of really cool things like Mosaics (my oxygen) and Framer has many great features to create stamps, frames and other interesting photo enhancements. I use the stamp one to create fancy things for my packaging for my Etsy purchases.

When I create a new header:

I go to the site Flickr Toys

Scroll down to BLOG HEADER

Step One
Once on this page I can choose to upload a photo from my computer or use one on my flickr photostream

Step Two
Then I pick a layout, CENTER, TOP RIGHT, TOP LEFT

Step Three
Highlight CREATE

Ta Dah moment, I view my header and decide if I want to download it, upload it to flickr or maybe try another layout. To try a new layout, I highlight EDIT, it will bring me back to step 2 and then I will pick TOP RIGHT for example. Highlight CREATE and I am viewing a new ta dah moment.

Step Four
Download to your computer, or upload to flickr. I always download it when I want to change my header only because it is the only way I know how to do it.

Now onto my gift for you, if you don't have the time to investigate Flickr Toys or if you like the headers you see on this post, they are my gift to you. Just right click and it save it to your computer. When you upload it to your computer it will appear the size that I have on my current header. Once it is on your computer you can add your title, enhance it to make it your own design or simply add your name when you change the header.

P.S. I also use these headers for borders on my posts, they are the perfect size to add just a pretty touch here and there. Happy pretty blogging.

rose quiltNow if you really want to get fancy Dumprnet is another fun free foto enhancer.

I love pretty music too, and I was introduced to these two performers while in Hong Kong. The song for this post is I'm Still In Love With You.
Beverly said...

How sweet of you to share your tried and true tips. And, we all get to share in the beautiful outcomes.

It is great doing a fun post, isn't it?

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Karen, Thanks for all that wonderful info. Soon as I have some extra time and I going to go there and "play". xo Lynn


Hello Karen,

Always amazing me! Great work.

~ Gabriela ~

Alison Gibbs said...

Karen thanks for all the info. Definitely have to find some time to play with Flikr Toys.
I do plan on framing the hand photos in my post

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for all of the info. I have been thinking about changing my blog. Right now, it matches my website and I think I want to make it more rounded...When I have some time I am going to look into Flickr Toys..

Cami said...

Your generosity is a blessing to so many Karen. What a sweet lady you are!

Eleanor said...

What a lovely blog you have, Karen. I enjoyed your tips and must experiment. I am severely blog challenged when it comes to these kind of things. Thank you for visiting Thatchwick cottage on the occasion of the porch party and I also enjoyed my stroll along your deck. Also the trip to Rhode Island. I have often taught The Great Gatsby! Can you explain what is an Etsy shop? An online shop?
Have a lovely day. Eleanor

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi karen, thanks for sharing your tips, your blog looks wonderful! I got my order in the mail yesterday! Thank you, thank you! I love it all! I'll be blogging it soon.
Big Hugs

Rhondi said...

How did I miss all these posts? I usually check your blog every day. Thanks for the tutorial on banners and photos. Your new banner is very pretty by the way. I am still a novice at these things but I am learning slowly.
Hugs, Rhondi

Ms.Daisy said...

A most beautiful blog and the music is outstanding - thank you!
...and since I love birdhouses (something else I collect LOL!) I will take you up on your offer to use one of your creations and use it as a sidebar. Thank you, for your generosity - -
and for sharing your talents with us. I will be including you in my Blogs list.

Hooked on Houses said...

I love your fresh new look! At first I thought I had clicked on the wrong link and gone somewhere else. How generous of you to share you creativity with everyone! -Julia :-)