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baa baa black sheepRecently I was uploading my podcasts on my ITunes and I came across this wonderful podcast on Etsy. I began watching the video made about MV Fiber Farm( her blog), located on Martha's Vineyard ,and I fell in love. All that I can say, is that you just have to watch the video. I don't want to give away the finish, but get your hankies ready. Etsy writes "After quitting her day job in Los Angeles and moving to Martha's Vineyard, a quiet island off the Massachusetts coast, Susan Gibbs aka MVKnits had a great idea. She started Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm and figured out how to make a living making yarn." Here are some photos from her farm on flickr. On Susan Gibbs' Etsy Shop, called Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm she writes:

sheep closeup 2

"Welcome to Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm and our new Etsy store! We sell premium yarns, roving and fleeces from our very own flock of Angora goats and Cormo and Cotswold sheep. Our farm is located on Martha's Vineyard- an island off the coast of Cape Cod."

Lovely cottage

Since I was in a "sheep farm" kind of mood, I traveled through Blogland and came across some of the most charming blogs in the UK. Everything in the UK is charming. Middle of Nowhere is written by the most talented artist who lives in the Cotswolds. OMG the Cotswolds, right there she had me at hello. I just lover her blog and her Etsy store...Oh yes, more charm and lots of it. Oh, you must have a cup of tea when you read her posts, and her artwork is beyond wonderful.

black and white sheep closeupPaula's Place is "A place for my pictures, paintings and ponderings". Paula Bowles is from Bristol in the UK and illustrates the most charming and wonderful creations. Her agent is called Plum Pudding Illustrations. Did I not already say that everything is charming in the UK?

bunny in frame
My Tiny Plot
is a blog dedicated to vegetable gardening and seasonal cooking. There are tutorials and wonderful recipes and so many wonderful images and words all about vegetable gardening. She writes:

"My Tiny Plot is the diary of a small vegetable patch in Bath, England. We’re all about growing vegetables and eating fresh produce. Gardening the mtp way…

1. Plots should look pretty as well as feed your tum
2. Always accept advice gracefully - even if you think they’re wrong
3. Re, re, recycle not fade away
4. Do organic until it becomes a pain
5. Accept that celery is the devil’s food
6. Talk to your plot - I do!
7. Snails, slugs, grubs and caterpillars are your friends until they become enemies
8. When they do mourn their death
9. Your car is not a mobile shed - get a tool box
10. Grow some flowers - or the bees won’t come

So enjoy the site and pop back when you can to see what’s going on down at My Tiny Plot.

Head Gardener"

pumpkin, chickens & roosters

One visit to Primrose Hill and I knew that I would visit her again and again. Lisa Hector writes: "I moved to Alyth with my husband and 2 cats nearly three years ago, we'd decided to make the "move to the sticks" and do up an old cottage with a bit of land." When you see her blog header you will surely fall in love.

cottage by the sea

Finally I will leave you with one more place called Higglety Pigglety. Now with that name, you know that you will find a heap of charm if you visit Joanna Twin, who writes:

bunny notes with text"One cheeky rabbit Captain Rupert runs around my feet his so friendly he jumps on my lap to see my latest painting. Before making a bounding leap and with the flick of his tail he is out of the door to visit K my boyfriend who is busy in the garden fixing his boat. With a further hop and a skip he is back in his favorite flower pot." If you love stories about Mr McGregor's garden, you will surely love her video clips of Captain Rupert and her incredible illustrations reflecting childhood storybooks reminding you of Peter Rabbit.

Her Etsy shop is lovely.

The name of the song for this post is You're So Cool from my new favorite romantic comedy, stars two of my favorite English stars and takes place in England...The Holiday.

Blogland ReviewThe magazine was inspired by another favorite blog called Life on Bonnie lane here in the States. Thanks for the inspiration Kady.
Beverly said...

Karen, this was so much fun. I love finding new, beautiful and interesting blogs. I'll be hopping over to visit these.

PG said...

Thank you so much Karen, you are too kind! I'm so pleased you find me - and I have found you! Funnily enough, I know (in real life) both Paula and Jo of Higgledy Piggledy, and they have each visited me at the cottage. (Though not together, that would be a coincidence too far!)

I must add you to my rss now. :)

take care


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Karen, I am so excited to go visit these wonderful sounding places! Thank you for sharing!
I love your magazine :-)

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hi Karen

Thanks so much for sharing and introducing me to these wonderful sites. This is indeed a lovely post. Thank you so much!



rochambeau said...

Thank you Karen,
for this post! For all the great arrows leading to lovely places. I appreciate it very much. Beautifully written!

paula said...

Hi Karen!

Lovely to meet a new blogger! Thanks for your lovely message over in my place, and thanks for including me on your 'blogland review' :o) (and you're right, everything in the UK is charming!)

And yes, me and Gretel have met in 'real life' :o) I used to live in the Cotswolds very nearby, with my parents.

"Hi Gretel!" *waves*

Will be checking out the other blogs you have mentioned - I like the sound of My Tiny Plot! (I'm hopeless at growing veg - but want to learn! And I love cooking, so new recipes would be fab!)

paula x

Mary Isabella said...

I enjoyed our trip and cannnt wait to visit these new places....Mary

moaltd said...

A great tour! Some fascinating blogs!

Rhondi said...

Dear Karen
You have given me such a lot of lovely new blogs to visit. I love everything English too. Holiday was a wonderful movie. Didn't you just love the English home in it?
Hope you have day filled with beauty and joy.
Hugs, Rhondi

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I loved The Holiday. Have watched it 3 times now. :)