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Pink Day Lily

Painting Day Lilies, originally uploaded by bluebirdsandteapots.

I have been taking a class in Photoshop Elements to learn how to digitally layer my graphic designs and photography. I have played around with lots of different software, but have heard such rave reviews about Photoshop Elements 6.

DSC03419Now that they have the version for the Mac, I thought it was time to download a thirty day trial and take a class.

DSC03357I am to bring a disk of my own images for class, so I thought I would do an experiment in my pink day lilies, now in bloom. My hope is to layer my own artwork with my photographs.

DSC03365I went into the garden and photographed some Day Lilies.

Pink Day Lilies

I love painting lilies.

DSC03396Painting, and Photography have become my passion.


DSC03367Wish me luck on my class. This layering business is quite the challenge.

DSC03418 While I was in the garden, I picked some lilies to bring inside. The song for this post is whatever might pop up, I seem to be having some difficult with my player today.

DSC03384I think I have enough images for class. Now I just have to make the disk to bring to class. Did you know that you can create a cd holder on Flickr Toys? Here's mine for my lily disk.

Day Lily CD Cover

Pink Day Lilies

Pink Day Lily
Kathleen Grace said...

Your painting and photography both show your passion for them, beautiful! I love the pink watercolors of the lilies:>)

Artistic Chicas said...

What beautiful collection of pictures...and to think you are just starting out to learn are doing fantastic.
I need to be as daring.
Karen, your watercolors are so soft and elegant...I'm glad you started painted again.
Thank you for stopping by my Blog site too...I'm
still learning and trying things out. But I have to say, Cyber world has given me the chance to make alot more friends like you.
Will keep stopping by often to see what your up to.

Beverly said...

It has been a hard day at work, and just reading and seeing your lovely lilies makes me feel better.

Keep spreading the beauty.

Donna said...

Your watercolor lilies are beautiful! And so is your photography.

Wishing you luck with your class!


Tara said...


Honestly, you should be teaching the class! Your photography and paintings are incredible, fantastic...talent is what you have all over!

PA Fiber Artist said...

Hi Karen,

I agree with Tara - plus since you are my sister, I know for sure that you should be teaching that class! Hello! I love what you made.

Love, Susan

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Beautiful! I love day lillies and anything pink. Your painting and photography just blow me away. I bet the class is really fun!

Don't you just love Flickr toys? I have been having so much fun playing with all the different things there, as you can see by my blog posts for today.


Mary Isabella said...

I love all the pictures they are truly beautiful. Thank-you for the sweet card at the end of the post....Mary

Rhondi said...

Your passion and talent for painting and photography come through in every post. I can't wait to see what you'll do after taking a few classes!
Rhondi xo

Carrie said...

What beautiful paintings! I love lilies.