A Drive in the Country enjoying the view

I love photography and my cameras are always in the car and usually one of them is in my purse. I can't seem to enjoy a wonderful place and not want to memorize it so that I can share the experience. I have a new camera that my husband bought for me, but my old Sony Supershot is clearly my favorite camera.

Horse Closeup
Unfortunately one day at the barn visiting my daughter and our horse Dapper I fell, and so did my poor Sony. For months it sat on my counter unable to take photos in focus. Then one day I took it down from the counter dusted it off, cleaned out some of the dirt that had gotten inside and tried all the settings. The knob that helps you select your setting is squished, so it was a little difficult to turn, but when I got to the "auto" setting it worked. Yah, my old pal was missing some function ( not unlike it's owner) but she was as good as new.

So there I was yesterday on the way to visit my daughter Sarah at her barn and I passed by this wonderful place. I drive by this setting all the time and think, I wish there was a safe place to pull off the road to capture this scene. Yesterday I noticed a bit of dirt just large enough to fit my car nearby my favorite scene. Obviously I am not the only one who has wanted to capture this special place.

I carefully got out of the car, although the door was clearly in the path of passing cars, I crept along not to get hit by a car and there...I was able to enjoy this view. I opened up the door to the passenger side and got my good old gal, Sony out of the car so that I could take these photographs.

Sherborn, Massachusetts is one of the many picturesque towns in New England. Driving along the road to Wellesley I am not always clear where the townline is, but this setting always takes my breath away. Behind an enormous beautiful home is this spectacular red bridge. The kind that Monet would have loved to paint. On the other side of the water is this lovely life size statue of an angel. It was a beautiful sunny day, not too hot and although I could clearly hear the crickets in the background, it was pleasant. My daughter tells me that the other side of the river is part of the Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary.

Leaning over to get a better view of this reflection as you drive by, could certainly cause you to have a car accident. Here is a close up of the lovely angel.


I am always in search of magic and suddenly when I looked down ...


Just kidding, but honest the gorgeous settings in New England are everywhere. Why, I don't even get homesick for New York as much....well, maybe I'm stetching it. Let's just say that the beauty around here certainly helps.

The song for this post is Theme from a Summer Place. If you have never been to New England, here is a slideshow of glimpses into it's beauty, I call it A Day in New England.
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Wishing you a lovely day filled with magic and sunflowers.

Susan said...

What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing!

Natasha Burns said...

Beautiful scenery Karen! Just perfect! The first photo reminds me of a Monet painting!

Mary Isabella said...

Breathtaking beauty. My soul found rest in your pictures. This is so beautiful. I relly need this!!!! mary

Teri C said...

New England is one of my favorites places to visit (but I don't visit enough!). The photos are just gorgeous!!

Kathleen Grace said...

Karen that scene is so beautiful! I love that, even though we can't be everywhere and see everything, blogging allows us to share the beautiful places we see with people who would otherwise never see them! Thank you for sharing such a lovely view:>)

Beverly said...

I'm so glad you pulled off the road to get these beautiful pictures. It really is a magical place.

Monet would have loved it there. You need to put try the watercolor effect in PS to this picture. If you do, please show us.

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

Oh Karen, I don't think I can contain myself over these photos... I want to live by that Angel, over the bridge... Like the Lady of Shalott... I think I can see myself there. Make me a map, I will bring twigs and build a wee castle right by the mushroom magic ;)

Thank you for sharing such an incredible place. At first, I thought it was Japan ;)

I must think about moving... Hmmmm ;)

(So sad you fell and hurt your camera, things like that happen to me too!! But, I am glad it came back to life! Even if not perfect ;) xoxo

PG said...

Ooh what lovely countryside - I can see why it is called New England, it reminds me of our patch over here.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Karen!

Beautiful photos, beautiful drive! Thanks so much for sharing! Enjoy the rest of your week!



Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

These are absolutely breathtaking photos! You are so very lucky to have these kinds of scenes to happen upon.
I know what you mean about taking the camera everywhere, I always have my smaller one in my bag "just in case". I truly think through blogging it opens our eyes more to the even the smallest things, don't you think?

MARIA said...

Wow, beautiful!!!
And love your beautiful Postcard,
and Mushrooms-and-fearus is so sweet.

Best greetings from Poland

Sandra Evertson said...

Gorgeous photos and love the toad stool village!
Sandra Evertson

Linda said...

Hi Karen,
What a beautiful place, the photos look amazing, sorry I haven't been by lately, it's been a bit hetic here at the moment.
Cheers Linda

Rhondi said...

SO beautiful Karen. There are so many wonderful places near you . I am glad that I get to see them through your eyes.
Hugs, Rhondi


Moon River! One of my most favorites! Love it...as well as this awesome post!

Always thank you, Karen!

~ Gabriela ~

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Beautiful pic of the bridge !! I don't know what else to say to describe it !!!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Karen that is an incredibly beautiful place and your photos were wonderful. Year before last my husband and I got to go "east" in October to see the leaves and I fell in love. We didn't make it to Massachusetts because Maine captured my heart! Someday I'll go back.... Blessings, marlene

Alison Gibbs said...

Karen what a serene spot.Beautiful

Debi said...

Hi Karen
Oh such beautiful photos! I thought it was Huntington Gardens in CA! They have a beautuful bridge just like this one. Gorgeous photos! Thank you so much for sharing and thank you for visting me the other day!
I loved your slide show too! I lived in New England for many years and miss it! Thank you for reminding me how beautiful it is!
Be back soon!

Nance said...

Hi there, Karen!
Got here via rhondi's blog.
Wow, that bridge is really beautiful, so perfect. too bad it is dangerous to even get a pic ... it should be enjoyed by a all; but then maybe it is better that way ... there are always a few who enjoyed damaging stuff.

TattingChic said...

Those are beautiful photos. Thank you for risking your life to take them for us all to see! LOL!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a lovely place! Thank you for taking me along on your drive. And WOW that sunflower photo is amazing. The sky behind it is so blue!

Lorrie said...

I would just love to crawl into your photo, stroll across the bridge, and sit on the rock beneath the serene angel.
Thanks for the mini-getaway.


rochambeau said...

Beautiful photos~ Beautiful song!
Glad for all of us that your sony is feeling on the mend!


Cami said...

I love my little lumix! Esp. when I don't wanna tote around my giant canon. You have the best eye.