Stepping Into Prayer

My favorite park nearby is a wonderful place to walk amongst the serene paths, surrounded by beautiful scenery and hearing the most magnificent music playing in the background. Gentle music is playing from tall speakers throughout the park.


It was one of those days when the sky is so blue and the white puffy clouds perform a parade of wonder.


I love attending our church to worship on Sunday evenings, but sometimes I just want to be alone with God. I want to go within to hear that still small voice.

My creation

I love all forms of worship. and I believe that we are all connected through our prayers, no matter what our faith...

My creation

Walking down the path, everywhere I looked there were reminders of God.


Then I was surrounded by the wonder of nature, and sunlight peeked through the trees adding to the serenity.


A huge rain cloud appeared in the middle of the sky's performance and it began to rain. I took shelter in a nearby place.


Once I was inside, the sound of the rain hit the tin roof and I looked around and I was surrounded by prayer.


I looked around and saw so many prayers.


As I was lost in this beautiful thought, I lit a candle too.


It felt like I was connected to all those people who had lit these candles...


It made me think of all the prayers around the world...


I wondered how many candles had been lit today,


and the ones being lit by the people who were praying at that very moment.


And I knelt down and I prayed.


My walk had become my meditation and the candles connected me to that place of mindfulness...that place where you are alone with God.

Prayer, originally uploaded by bluebirdsandteapots.

I pray that wherever you are,
that God keep you safe.


The song for this post is Our Prayer.

A Prayer
Life on Bonnie Lane said...

What a beautiful place! So serene and peaceful. How wonderful to find the prayer candles! It looks magical. I love the warm glow of candles, and there you were surrounded by so many!

Thanks for sharing.


Tracy said...

Hi, Karen! Thank you for this beatuiful, inspiring post...Like yourself I feel the connection of prayer surpasses faith and other bounderies, connecting us all. You photos are moments of prayer in themselve...The wide skies like arms stretched out in uplifting prayer. :o) Wishing you a happy week! Loved you Pink Saturday offering--sorry I didn't get here on the day. Stop by if you can and see me--I'm having a gift giveaway this week. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi Karen,
I agree with you about the time alone with God. I enjoy worship at my church so much, but my favorite time is the time I spend alone with God. It is when I feel closest to him and I can concentrate on worship so much better without the distraction of other people. Where were you walking that you came upon all those candles?

suesueb said...

your sunday post was so inspiring-when my younger sister was ill she said she could feel people praying for her. i know it gave her comfort. your painting of your bunny is also so beautiful-what a wonderful talent! have a beautiful pink week.

Teri C said...

This is so beautiful Karen, I feel like I just went to church, to God's church called nature.

Susan said...

Beautiful post. Sometimes being in nature can bring you closer to God. Looking at the beautiful earth that God gave us is inspiring.

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

I too find God everywhere in nature. I had a tree that I loved & called it my prayer tree.
Such a beautiful post, Thank you.

Beverly said...

I treasure the times of quiet to seek and feel so close to God. I often light candles in my home as a light of a prayer.

Thank you for your e-mail. I like your idea, and I am considering the possibility. I need to find a copy of the magazine.

Fete et Fleur said...

Beautiful Post! I felt so comforted as I walked along with you! Thank you for the prayer and the song.


celestina marie said...

Karen, this post is beautiful and that place looks so serene and comforting. Your pics always are wonderful.

I love your painted bunny too. Just fantastic.
I will have a anniversary giveaway soon. Hope you can stop over.
Blessings Always,
la rea rose

Mary Isabella said...

This post touched my heart on so many different levels. I love the new header. It is all so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ewa said...

What a beautiful post.
I just lately bumped on very unusual materials. Pictures of water crystals formed after different emotions. Good thoughts make beautiful crystal shapes.
it is kind of proof that good thoughts are influencing the world around us. If you are interested look on youtube for Masaru Emoto.

Tara said...


How wonderful to be so in touch with a higher being...sometimes time alone can do that so well for us!

I have been remiss visiting you as I took 2 wks off to catch up around here and do a small vacation. Glad to see all is well and hope you can hop over to visit!

I am so glad you found what you wanted through All Things Bright and Beautiful...isn't it funny how we really are all interconnected?? I am amazed at how small the world really is!


Natasha Burns said...

What a beautiful post Karen - thank you for creating it. The candles are so wonderful

Beverly said...

Good morning, Karen. I'm back again to let you know that I tagged you with what I think is quite a fun tag. I hope you don't mind, but if you do feel free to just skip it.

I thought of you with the tag because you have such a unique sense for choosing great songs to go with your topic. This tag just puts a different spin on things.

rochambeau said...

A prayer for you Karen!
Yes!! to the power of prayer & good thoughts, no matter what a persons faith.


Tammy said...

Absolutly beautiful!

I'm so glad I found your blog today!♥

CIELO said...

I wish I could be there--walking by you.... praying with you.

Wishing you the sweetest day, a day rich in loving thoughts for others, a day soaked in warmth and happy feelings...



Mary Isabella said...

I typed this once and I lost it. It just vanished into thin air. I cannot not count. LOL!!! I want you to play. PLease play!!! If you do please post the pay it forward on your blog and send me your address as I have misplaced it. I love the music for this post I keep coming back and looking at the photos and then closing my eyes and listening to the music. It brings me peace!!! It brings me joy!!! It brings me happiness!!!! .....Hugs ....Mary

Donna said...

Beautiful! What more can be said.