A Fashion Show

Welcome to a fashion show...


Recently my sister Susan, has been designing some really stylish knits.

I have loved fashion illustration since I was seventeen, and Susan's inspiration gave me an excuse to illustrate again.


Then I had a thought, perhaps if I designed some coats that would look lovely with the different colors and designs, so I doodled some ideas.


I could see a very sleek Audrey Hepburn look. Wearing a black velvet dress and this gray neck warmer, called St. Moritz.


Hmm, perhaps a red pea coat with a black collar and cuffs, to show off this lovely red one embellished with a black button...

I think this beautiful green/brown one would look stunning against a chocolate brown cashmire coat, with gold buttons.


I could see this pink one against a pastel pink ski jacket on the ski slopes.

This Aqua one surely would look incredible against a cocoa brown coat. What kind of coat would you wear this one with? I just love the flower accent.


So, these are my sister Susan's Fiona Couture knitted neck warmers. My sister always inspires me, and this time I felt like I was seventeen again, illustrating fashion. After researching the new styles of coats coming out this fall, I was pleased to see so many v-neck designs. Scarves would be lovely, and I love how the neck warmer isn't fussy against the neck, but seems to fit so nicely beneath the lapel. I hope that you stop by Susan's shop called Fiona Couture designs. Thank you Susan, you always inspire me!

The song for this post is My Destiny.

Fiona Couture Fashion, originally uploaded by bluebirdsandteapots.

Sabii Wabii said...

These are too cute...I have some too I'll have to dig out and photograph! So was Bob Mackie the designer then with the Carole Burnette show? I can't believe you passed it up! He's my fav!

Ewa said...

Karen, Your drawings are incredibly beautiful. I love it.
Yes... you turned down the offer... hmm... that was your destiny then.
Aqua agains chocolate color - that inspired me.
Thank you,

bj said...

I just wanted to mention to you that I understand how you feel about passing up a position of a lifetime. After I graduated from high school in 1956, I moved to Dallas, Tx to attend JOHN ROBERT POWERS SCHOOL OF MODELING. I so enjoyed every minute of the 6 month course. When it was completed, I was chosen to work as a runway model for Neman-Marcus, a very large and popular store at that time. I was so homesick and lonely for my MAMA, I said "No, thanks" and went back home.
I can't tell you how often I have wondered what my life would have been like had I accepted the job offer. I do know, however, that most things happen for the best and I just figure God didn't want me in the modeling business.
Maybe it is the same for you!!
hugs, bj

LiLi M. said...

what an inspiring post; love your dressforms, your sisters collars, your picture and your story, thanks for sharing! LiLi


Hello Karen,

Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful story! I really love your couture designs! They are awesome. You are also getting really great at desiging with digital elements. You are making beautiful compositions.

~ Gabriela ~

Beverly said...

Karen, I love, love, love this post. What great designs. I would buy any one of them.

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

The neck warmers are great! Thank you for sharing your story & your designs. How inspiring!
I loved the Carol Burnett Show, DebraK

PA Fiber Artist said...

Hi Karen,

Thank you for coordinating and designing my fashion show. It is "tres chic!" Those neckwarmers are so easy to wear; not bulky or heavy.

By the way, I am so glad YOU DID NOT work under Bob Mackie! No regrets! Somehow God brought you down a different, better path to develop your own unique style and to follow HIM! For such a time as this....

Your sister, Susan

Mary Isabella said...

They are so stunning......Mary

KimberlyRyanDesigns said...

Hi! I Love your blog and have added you to my blog roll, your art is beautiful! Hugs,Kimberly

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

What fun! :)

rochambeau said...

Dear Karen,
You and your sister are talented! Is your mom an artist? Nice that you could collaborate on something like this together!

Have a great night!

celestina marie said...

Hi Karen, these illustrations are incredible. I love them all.
SO enjoyed your story! I guess there are reasons for everything and the way our life goes. Your sister is a true inspiration!

I am having a giveaway and it would be an honor for me if you stopped by and left a comment.
Blessings always,
la rea rose

MARIA said...

I was delighted - what a beautiful job. Yours and your sister!

I wish you good luck and many blessings!

nikkicrumpet said...

Your drawings are really beautiful. I also enjoyed touring your blog...especiall enjoyed the sculpture garden tour...what a magical place!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

You're an incredible artist! Your sister's scarves and collars are pretty, but these drawings really brought them to life! I think this really helps people to see how it could enhance their outfits!