Itty Bitty Pink Book Club

Happy Pink Saturday. Bev from How Sweet The Sound is hosting yet another wonderful Pink Saturday. If you stop by her blog you can visit many pink posts.

A while back the lovely Nancy Gail from My Crafty Little Page contacted me and extended an invitation for me to join an ITTY BITTY PINK BOOK CLUB.

Nancy took a photograph of all twenty five pages that she created and topped them with a fancy bow!

Mary Ann of Follow Your Bliss hosts these lovely ITTY BITTY BOOK clubs. 23 people participated in the Pink one and we all had to make a total of 25 little pages. Two extra books will go to a breast cancer survivor and on extra one will be an auction copy to donate for breast cancer awareness. These are Mary Ann's pages.

Nancy's pages are lovely, and they encourage everyone to get their mammogram.

So, I took a print of one of my paintings, made it tiny 3.75 inches x 2.5 inches landscape. Yikes that is itty bitty.

Embellishing this tiny is a challenge. Here is what I came up with.

Of course glitter had to be involved. What’s a craft without glitter? I chose Martha Stewart's pinkalicious pink glitter.

DSC04259, originally uploaded by bluebirdsandteapots.

The back lists our information and I dedicated mine to my friend Judy who is on the path to recovery. On the back I took a really teeny print and tucked it into a cropped moo card.

A bit of ribbon, a teeny charm, and they were complete.

DSC04235So, now I mail these to Mary Ann and she will take all twenty five and combine them with everyone else's twenty five and create a cover, bind them and mail each of us an itty bitty pink book. One will be auctioned for a local breast cancer awareness benefit.

My creation

I just love how these itty bitty pages look all lined up for their photo op. I hope you have a wonderful Pink Saturday and that you stop by Bev's place and visit all the pink posts today. Don't you just love Sting? His music continues to get even better and well, he just doesn't age a bit does he? For this post I chose his song Until.

LiLi M. said...

Hello Karen, happy pink saturday to you too! I love all these pages! What a pleasure such a book!

Did you already sign up for the giveaway at button floozies'? It's for the good cause too! (by heart or use the button in the sidebar at my blog)

Enjoy your weekend!

dana said...

What a lovely itty bitty book that will be! Your page contribution is wonderful. I always LOVE seeing what you come up with for PSat----YOU are such an artistic inspiration! That Nancy isn't half bad herself, is she? ;-) Hope you PSat is filled with JOY! Dana

PS Sting Rocks (OMG---I can't believe I just typed that. I'm too old to say that. Oh, heck, so is Sting!)

Kathleen Grace said...

So beautiful and what a wonderful cause:>)


Happy Pink Saturday, Karen!

Love your post, so very PINK!

~ Gabriela ~

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Karen.

Your contribution is just beautiful. They do look lovely "posing" for the camera. I love Martha's glitters, too.

This is such a great thing in which to participate. Kudos to each of you.

Virginia said...

What a sweet idea. Beautiful! Happy Pink Saturday!
Blessings, Virginia

Neabear said...

Enjoyed your Pink Saturday post. I love the itty bitty cards. They are very pretty. Happy Pink Saturday!

Bobbi Jo said...

There are so many pretty pink things! Thank you for sharing with us. Have a great Pink Saturday.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

She'sSewPretty said...

Those pages are beautiful Karen! That book will be wonderful!

Miss Rhea said...

Love those Karen. :) You did a great job. I really like all of the glitter. I am a glitter freak !! lol !! :)

Happy Pink Saturday !! :)

Smilingsal said...

Such an original idea. Happy Pink Saturday!

Joanna {sweet finds} said...

Your tags are lovely. Once I'm done with my Silver Bella swaps, I am hoping to participate in more blog land swaps. xoxo, Joanna

PA Fiber Artist said...

Hi Karen,

Thank you for your post. I love your music too - Yay Sting! He's so talented. The roses are only due to God showing us how to grow them! There's a neat article in one of the old Victoria Magazines about a "little french rose lady" who grew really nice roses.

Love, Susan

jeanne said...

Karen all the itty bitty stuff would drive me a little itty bitty crazy. Too much detail for me, but what you have done is awesome. I admire your artistic talent. Just beautiful.

I too love Sting, I guess because I have listened to him for so long. Smile. Telling my age. lol.

Hugs, Jeanne

Nerissa said...

Your itty bitty pages are amazing. I wish I had signed up. It's such a great group.
I'm enjoying Sweet Six Studios as well. I have a few items I've purchased (glass bottles & a paper lantern) but have not made yet.
Thanks for visiting my blog today :)

Marina Capano said...

Hi my friend Karen! always I love your post, are so cute! and original! Happy Pink Saturday.
visit me anytime!


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

That's a wonderful contribution! Don't you just love all the things that go on in blogland? Have a wonderful pink Saturday Karen. I'll be back next week. xo Lynn

Susan Hickam said...

Wow! That turned out really well. The itty bitty book swap looks really really fun and it also supports a good cause. You can't get any better than that. Happy Pink Saturday!

carolyn said...

So much pinkness and all so pretty.

Rhondi said...

Hi Karen
The grandkids are gone so I have time to visit you. I love the wonderful creations you come up with every pink Saturday. The idea of the pink book is great and I can't wait to see what the finished book looks like.
Hugs, Rhondi

Dawn said...

What a great idea. Your cards are just lovely. I love the touch of glitter. The ribbon looks nice. There is something about pink and blue that is just so nice together. I think the auction idea is wonderful.

take care,

Pat said...

Hi Karen

Thanks for your warm welcome to my first Pink Saturday!

The itty bitty books are so pretty and it is wonderful idea for a swap and an auction for a good cause.

Hugs, Pat

Schotzy said...

Beautiful idea, marvelous blessing! Very touching!

rosechicfriends said...

Those are so pretty! I too love all the glittering bling you added!
Happy PINK...Lorena

Kathy said...

So beautiful! I'm loving your blog. I enjoy your colors, your photos and your ideas. I'll keep an eye on you. :)

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Happy PS! What a wonderful idea for bitty books! Love your artwork & yes, glitter works beautifully on your pages.

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Queen of Dreamsz said...

How beautiful all of this is!! Love the tiny embellishments :0)
Happy Pink Saturday to you...


CC said...

Happy pink saturday..your tiny books are just beautiful.
p.s. I am a cancer suvivor..

Margie said...

What a sweet little *pink* book that will be! And for a great cause!

Marina Capano said...

Hi Karen yesterday, I wrote in your post but my comment in your blog come back in my mail like bad!

I am intent again!Happy Pink Saturday!

Lovely PINK pictures!always I love your works!
visit me anytime...


Marina Capano said...

Hi Karen yestreday, i wrotte in your post but my comment in your blog come back in my mail like bad!

I am intent again!Happy Pink Saturday!

Lovely PINK pictures!always I love your works!
visit me anytime...


Cori G. said...

Such pretty little pink book pages. I'd love to see the entire book assembled...will it be posted somewhere?
Cori G.

Patricia said...

Your pink project was a beautiful endeavor. Hope you have a wonderful week.

My Crafty Little Page said...

Your work, as always, is just incredibly beautiful, Karen. Thank you so much for making your Itty Bitty page. Blessings, Nancy

Donna said...

Wow, how beautiful! I love what you did!


Beverly said...

Oooooh, those itty bitty books are adorable. Your page is just beautiful! Happy Pink to you!