Thankful Thursday

Today is Thankful Thursday, which was created by Rhondi from Rose Colored Glasses. Please stop by her blog to read the Thankful Thursday posts. I look forward to this day of reflection each week.

I love looking at old photos, and when I see photographs of myself it's like looking at someone I don't quite remember. When I look at this photo, I think what was I smiling about? Smiling has been easy for me, in fact I think as I enter close to sixty there is a bit of a smile in my eyes like my grandmother had. I notice people are always smiling back at me, at least I hope that is the reason. My mother always says that smiles do not cost a thing and that even if we don't have anything else to give someone, we can give them a smile.

No matter how difficult life has been at times or how many trials I have endured I always come back to joy. Joy is what I see in my face in this photograph. Perhaps the secret is to be thankful and make mental lists of our blessings even when we are smack in the middle of a difficult circumstance. I have learned that when I thank God even when I don’t feel like it, He brings me back to feeling joyful. Just when I think I am at the end of my rope, I start counting my blessings and thanking God. Then just when I think I have reached despair my old friend, Joy returns. Being thankful always leads me back home to joy. Then I can remember all the things I have to smile about.

Dr. Bernie Siegel says that we should keep a baby photo on our desks to remind us of who we really are. I like that idea, perhaps if we were all remembering how cute we were, we would smile more often.

Spending Thursday's with Rhondi on her Thankful Thursday exercise always makes me smile. So, if you would like something to smile about, please visit Rhondi.

The song for this post is Smile.
LiLi M. said...

I sometimes think too that we should remember that we all started as cute little babies. Or even think of the time before that. When I was pregnant with my first, I was so happy I could sing all day. When I went to a supermarket I always heard mothers yelling at their children: No you cannot have that, I have told you a 1000 times already. And worse are parents with yelling children that don't speak at all to their children, leaving them behaving badly. I always wondered: have they ever been as happy as I am while being pregnant? Could they imagine it would be like this? And I thought to myself that I would try to raise my children with respect. Though I don't want to say that I am a saint! To little children that are constantly being yelled at or told nothing at all, it is not easy to see that a smile will cost you nothing and saying hello neither. I do hope that they learn from experience: from people like you Karen. Keep smiling!

M.Kate said...

that's a beautiful picture Karen...and I should smile children says I frown a lot hmm...YOU-entering 60's..i thought you look around my age, early 40's...very early 40's..:D

Mimi Sue said...

You were sure a cute baby. I'm going to frame one of my baby pictures and put it somewhere I'll see it, what a great idea. Mimi

Kathleen Grace said...

What a sweet and cute baby picture. Great idea to remind urselves of our innocence and joy:>)

hip chick said...

Your post really touched me today. I think your grandmother was right about the smiling. People are always smiling at you probably because you are always smiling at them.
I have baby pictures of all 5 of my children and myself and my husband hanging in my bedroom. I look at them everyday.



What a wonderful post! You always touch our hearts with beautiful words and music...but today you added your adorable photo!
And that was a bonus...
How lovely!

~ Gabriela ~

CIELO said...

I'm thankful for all the little things in life-such as the colors changing in my garden, and the
acoustics of this season with all the different sounds of the changing season... :) Love your post!



JeannieTheDreamer said...

Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by today. I am grateful for Thankful Thursday.

Come see me again, i have something brewing.

Now. About life. It takes a lot of effort, I know. You're not alone.... Let's turn each day around and help each other especially when it gets confusing.
God Bless.

Chris said...

My sister, daughter & I were looking at old photos last weekend. I found one of myself at about 4 years and my daughter said, "Mom, that just makes me smile!" It made me smile too, and remember what a great life I've had!

Thanks for reminding us to be thankful for our blessings...yes, even old photos!

Bettsi said...

You're right, Karen! A smile is good medicine. For us and for others. Thank you for this lovely post.