Sunday, February 22, 2009

In Search of Inspiration

DSC00058In search of inspiration...

towerhill face fountain

DSC00058I needed to visit my favorite winter spot filled with the promise of Spring,


DSC00058filled with lemons trees,


DSC00058orange trees,

towerhill orange tree

DSC00058and foliage of every kind.

towerhill large leaf

DSC00058I looked towards the piper,

towerhill statue of piper

DSC00058and the statue wearing a hat of baby dafs.

towerhill statue daffodil head

DSC00058I didn’t find it in the flowers wearing ribbons of special mention,

DSC00058Even though red ribbons adorned beautiful flowers,


DSC00058and the fountains did sing.

towerhill fountain

DSC00058But it was when I walked in the gardens a bit further,

towerhill leaves

DSC00058passed all the beautiful flowers, the grand celebration of foliage, and the garden statues escorting in Beloved Spring.


DSC00058And then all of a sudden I found what I was searching for, my little creative muse...


towerhill surrendinger to creativity

DSC00058There amongst the flowers and the wonder of nature was a little girl with her sketch book and pencil. She knelt beneath the flowers that she captured on her little sketch pad. She snuggled so closely to the flower that it cascaded onto her book, letting her trace it's very shadow, She had already learned the way to embrace inspiration was to simply surrender to creativity.

DSC00058Sometimes seeing a child embracing what I struggle with, reminds me to just be.


DSC00058 I think that God led me to this little dove to remind me to stop searching for spirit outside, but to embrace the child within.


DSC00058The song for this post is To Tree or Not To Tree.
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