Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

My creation

Do you have a wish jar?

pink & blue globe 2

A place where you put your dreams and wishes?

all my angels have red hair

Do you tuck bits of paper with wishes in your dream book?


An alabaster jar perhaps,

Bluebirds on China

or do you keep your wishes on notes tucked safely in your teapot or cookie jar?

teapot with blue bird

Do you have a special book filled with wishes and rose petals from your garden?


It seems to me that if we made wishes and still dreamed just like when we were young, we would lasso that same child-like faith that made our heart sing.

My Grandmother's sister Frances

If you can dream, it doesn’t matter what is going on around us. We can't always believe everything that we are told, but dreaming keeps us alive in promise and perhaps wiser in discernment.

angel of the water distance best

Dreams are tucked safely within us, far from the woes of the world.

vermont fall 3

Today is Thankful Thursday, and Rhondi at Rhondi’s Rose Colored Glasses has a list of posts that are built on thankful thoughts. I thought about what I am thankful for, and I am thankful today for dreams.

Mr. Hawk showing off flying above the bridge

Dreams are made of wishes on shooting stars, and spirit-filled heart's desires. Dreams can keep us floating over the gray clouds, with thoughts that anything is possible. Dreams are made of dancing with inspiration and soaring on the wings of a hopeful future. For this I am very thankful.

Sometimes when I have lost my dreams, I find if I give someone else something to dream about, I find my way back to mine. Gabriela reminded me this morning that there is a way to help the children of Melbourne who were stuck by the terrible fires. Here on a blog called Handmade help they show us the ways that we can help with the Victorian Bushfire appeal. I also found an etsy shop set up to raise money for the Victorian Bushfire appeal. And finally, on a more personal note...our friend Natasha Burns is having an auction which will end in about twelve hours. Her and little LeRoy have created artwork which they are auctioning off to raise money.

I have donated my Abundance giclee print for the Etsy Fundraiser. Emma should be listing it soon. This will now be an exclusive listing only available on their Etsy shop, until the finish of their fund raiser.


If you are interested in donating something for this wonderful fund raiser, just e-mail Emma at the contact button on the site. She will e-mail you with the information. You simply have to list something exclusively for their shop, pay for shipping costs if it is sold, and give Emma all of the listing information. She will list the item and notify you when it is sold for you to ship out. They will stop accepting donations on Monday 23rd February. The shop will remain open until 31st March 2009.

Burlington Marina

The song for this post is If You Can Dream.
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