A Collaborated Creation

My creation

elyse's inspiratino closepinRecently I discovered a lovely blog called Cottage. I was visiting one of my favorite reads, and I saw this enchanting avitar of a cute little cottage. I clicked on it and followed it to Cottage. A Blog about tinkered treasures for your home. On Elyse’s blog she has decorating ideas, her latest creations, and everything bloggish that we all love to read about.

elyse's inspiratino closepinElyse creates beautiful things, but I fell in love with her very cottage frames on her Etsy Shop.

elyse's inspiratino closepinI asked Elyse if she would allow me to purchase a frame to create something to put inside and to list it on Etsy. She said yes, and so, I bought one, and when it arrived I got busy trying different designs. I wanted to create a Collatorated Creation.

My creation

elyse's inspiratino closepinThe truth is everything looked so nice in this frame. Elyse had painted a white frame and using paper, she created the effect of a mosaic. Then I found the perfect print to use. The pink patterns made me think about roses. The beautiful pillow that the picture is resting on was designed by my sister, Lynne. Her middle name just so happens to be Elyse.

elyse's inspiration for etsy

elyse's inspiratino closepinA took a print of my watercolor painting of dried roses and hand-painted it using pearlized paint and a bit of glitter.

Elyse's inspiration for etsy 3

elyse's inspiratino closepinI call this Collaborated Creation Elyse's Inspiration.

Elyse's inspiration 4

elyse's inspiratino closepinThe ribbon I found is an organza dream embellished with organza flowers.

elyse's inspiration ribbon for etsy

elyse's inspiratino closepinOn the back of the frame I added my information and Tinkered Treasures.


elyse's inspiratino closepinElyse's Inspiration is available in my etsy shop.

Elise's inspiration cottage

I love those things in life that make me just appreciate the simple things in life. The Cottage blog is designed to take the simple things in life and enjoy their worth and while we're at it appreciate tinkered treasures.

Thank you Elyse, for your inspiration and your Treasured award. Now I have my very own image of the cottage avitar I fell in love with.

elyse's inspiratino closepinThe song for this post is Give Me The Simple Life.
Gabriela said...

Hello Karen,

I love what you made!

~ Gabriela ~

Elyse said...


i am, gulp, very touched by your post. thank you for writing the most wonderful things about my blog. that means so much to me.

and YOUR PAINTING is BEAUTIFUL!!! i am so honored to be part of this collaboration!

thank you so much. so happy to know you through the wonderful world of blogging.


xashee's corner said...

what a COOL coincedence that your sister's middle name and the artist of the frame having the same name! i absolutely LOVE what you did!! You are such a WONDERFUL inspiration! Thank you for ALL that you share!! Have an AWESOME day! :)

The Whispering Poppies said...

That is just beautiful, Karen! Your collaboration is a wonderful idea! Your flowers and her frame make the perfect pair! =)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I love how we can inspire each other! What beautiful images of spring, Karen! You are a real artist and you make the world around you so much prettier. Thanks for the lovely experience! Anita

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I have enjoyed Elyse's blog for some time now. I love her mosaic look on that frame. She creates the sweetest cottage items!

Your painting is lovley and looks wonderful with the frame Elyse made. I would say the collaboration was a smashing success!

Beverly said...

Karen, this is a wonderful collaboration. Two artistic spirits combined for one beautiful piece.

I just recently found Elyse, too. She does such pretty work. Thank you to both of you for sharing.

Lori said...

i just did a swap with Elyse...i think you saw that...she makes the sweetest things!!!

what a beautiful collaboration:)

CIELO said...

Good evening, my creative friend! Every thing here is lovely.... lovely to the eye and sweet to the soul.... So good to see you, Karen... and oh, the house in the roses is celebrating the arrival of spring with a party.... you gonna love it... come see! ;)



LiLi M. said...

Whow this is so much more than the sum of your talents! What a great idea and I think it has turned out so beautiful.

Thanks for mailing the calligraphy to me, I will of course let you know when it arrives. Thanks for inspiring me to give something too. The receiver was so happy with it, that is so good to experience. Have a nice day!

Kathleen said...

Your creation is just beautiful. Each of you made the other's effort that much more beautiful. I am blessed to know such talented women. Hugs, Kathleen

Vee said...

Proving yet again that two heads and four hands are better than one and two...or something like that!

Your collaborated creation is wonderful! Will you be doing more collaborating?

TattingChic said...

Oh, I saw this over at Elyse's blog! It's such a lovely collaboration! :)