Pink Saturday

pink saturday pinklilies

pink-saturday-butterfly-&-bowToday is Pink Saturday and Bev from How Sweet The Sound is hosting this very pink day. If you stop by Bev's place, you can find many wonderful Pink Saturday posts.


pink-saturday-butterfly-&-bowI love it when my pink Day Lilies bloom in my garden.


Here Comes The Bride CardI love it when I can bring some inside to enjoy.


Here Comes The Bride CardPink,


Here Comes The Bride CardDay Lilies,


Here Comes The Bride CardA nice way to celebrate a Pink Saturday.


pink-saturday-butterfly-&-bowAnother nice way to celebrate a Pink Saturday...listening to Silly Love Songs. I never get tired of listening to Paul McCartney. The pretty pink scrapbook papers and some of the doodads for this post are from Pickleberry Pop.

Here Comes The Bride CardSpeaking of silly love songs, my Pink Summer Bride found her way into an art show this summer.


She looks very at home next to that beautiful garden painting, and that beautiful flower painting. Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts is celebrating an Art Show called "All Things Summer."


Here Comes The Bride CardHere......see if you can catch her bouquet!


Nostalgic note. When this song first came out, I was living in Great Neck, Long Island with my fun and wonderful roomy named Nancy. Commuting to NYC and working for Xerox Corporation. I found a great video of all things surrounding this song. Don't you just love how music bookmarks our memories? Where were you when you first heard this song?
lisa said...

I love the pink day lilies, they are amazing.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, Karen, I'm so happy that the summer bride made it into the art show! Congrats! And your day lilies are lovely as can be.

Hope you're having a great Pink Saturday! I "threw in the towel" with my post today! ;-)

Happy Pink Saturday...


Sheila :-)

Alison Gibbs said...

Your day lilies are such a pretty shade of pink.
How wonderful that your summer bride was in the art show
Have a wonderful weekend

Linda said...

Your flowers are gorgeous and your photography is outstanding! Happy Pink Saturday!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour ma chère!
Like usual, your photos beat them all. One day, I will have the camera and the ability to take such lovely pictures! I am so much enjoying my lavender fields. Thank you dear one! Anita

Anonymous said...

Your lilies are gorgeous! You captured every detail of it. And your painting of the bride . . .a garden by the woods? How dreamy!

Mary said...

Beautiful pink lilies! Great photos!!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Mary :)

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Gorgeous pink day lilies in all sorts of arrays! I love how you put all those mosaic pieces together to form a beautiful whole. And the portrait is breathtaking! Lush colors! Thank you!

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

I love the photos of your flowers. Trying to think about the song...but, I sure would have loved working in NYC! Maybe not at Xerox, sounds too corporate for me, but the locale, perfect.

Happy Pink Saturday!

NicNacManiac said...

Your pink day lilies are awesome. Your photography is amazing. So glad your summer bride is up for all the world to see. She is exquisite!!
Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!
Hugs, Nerina :)

Marina Capano said...

Hi Karen! so, your photos always are so amazing! excelent qualitat. I love it so much.
what a cute flowers!

talk with you soon!


Katie said...

That's great she was in the art show! She's a Beau-tea-ful Bride as we say around here!

Happiest of Pink Saturdays to you!

Lovely lillies - try to say that three times real fast, go ahead I dare you!

Sue said...

Hi Karen,

Your Pink Summer Bride is gorgeous...wonderful job. The pink day lilies are so beautiful...I don't see many pink ones around here...mosty yellow and orange, I love the pink ones.
Happy Punk Saturday,

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Karen, your pink day lilies are so lovey! Love the collage! The summer bride painting is beautiful!

Have a lovely Pink Saturday!


tales from an oc cottage said...

Soooooooooooo gorgeous!!

m ^..^

Becky said...

Hi Karen,
I am always amazed by your beautiful blog and your art work.
Your pictures were wonderful.
Happy Pink Saturday.

SharDon Exclusives said...

I have a huge bunch of lilies on my kitchen table and you could smell them all over the house. What a lovely smell. But I started to sneeze, sneeze, sneeze & had a bad headache. When I went to the medicine cabinet I turned and there were the beautiful flowers calling out to me....Now they are on the patio table where they wanted to be outside...Your pictures are allll so beautiful but these are the BEST!!!

TattingChic said...

Congrats on your beautiful painting being in the show! Your daylily photos are beautiful!

You blog is always a pleasure to visit! :)

♥Mimi♥ said...

Lovely! Thanks so much for such a lovely post today. Cold and windy and a little rainy here today. I truly needed a little lift☺

♥Have a terrific Pink Saturday♥

Wishing you and all those you love the best of weekends.

Vee said...

Oh wonderful! I didn't get kicked off today and I've scrolled up and down without any troubles. This is great because I adore visiting here. You always have such delights and beauty abounds. Oh, about the song, I do remember hearing it, of course, but when I first heard it? No clue.

LiLi M. said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Now I remember your lilies from last year! Your portrait is gorgeous and so well worth exposing...I think I caught the bouquet, I'm such a lucky person!
Paul Mc Cartney and Wings remind me of the transition from primary to secondary school. What a giant lump, everything was insecure and now some girls where going steady...I love this song though.

Beverly said...

Karen, I have always want to plant pink day lilies. Yours are exquisite.

I always love your Summer Bride. She is a true beauty.

I just got back from the framers, and I had three things from you framed. I will be sharing them some day soon.

Happy Pink Saturday, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Everything you do is so lovely. I love looking at your pages. I am lost in the colors and music. I love your Summer Bride painting - and the geraniums, too. I Love EVERYTHING! Pink Hugs, Patti

Claudia said...

I love your work, Karen - the painting is beautiful. I love my day lilies, too - unfortunately they aren't pink! Happy Pink Saturday!

Heather said...

Your pink day lillies are so pretty! I don't think I have seen any pink ones in gardens around here- just the orange. LOVE the pink ones!

Congrats on the art show!!! So exciting!


peppermint said...

Your day lilies are amazing. So glad your summer bride made it into the art show. Have a wonderful weekend. Please stop by and visit me!

debbie said...

I am once again unfashionably late but your post is gorgeous
CONGRATULATIONS! HOORAY! FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL SUMMER BRIDE PAINTING MAKING IT INTO THE ART SHOW....what an honor...but look how beautiful she is and why wouldn't she.
Have a blessed week-end
Angel Hugs

dana said...

Your Summer Bride is just wonderful!! I'll bet she was the hit of the show! You are sooo talented.

Your Pink Day Lilies are gorgeous. I think I've grown to love that variety of flower more than most of the summer ones--course, roses are pretty spectacular, too! I don't have Pink ones, but I have yellow ones. I love the abundant blooms they make for us each summer.

Thank you for your kind words and prayers during the last week for our little gr. boy. We saw him again last night. He seems to be doing very well at home----he's just beautiful. I so appreciate your support.

Have a great Pink Sat. on Sunday!! :) L, Dana

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Karen,
You take the best pictures. I love your Lillies in pink. Just gorgeous. Congrats on being in the art show with summer bride. She is gorgeous. The lovely face reminds me of our Swedish daughter we hosted one year for high school.

I have always loved Silly Love Songs, but I can't remember where I was when it came out. I am sure it was a happy time though.
Have a wonderful evening.
Blessings, Celestina Marie

Connie said...

Happy pink saturday, sweetpea! I've been so busy painting I just got around to the pink saturday posts. Sweet chick, I LOOOOOVE your photos! They are truly exquisite.
Come visit for a while........