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Dear Mrs. Cowman,

How thankful I am that I have met you, if only through your words. Each time I turn the page of your countless lessons in the Lord, I am inspired, uplifted and encouraged.

I heard recently in a sermon that we are to encourage ourselves. Your books Streams in the Desert and Springs in the Valley are my oxygen. Your words stay with me and remind me to be observant because God does speak to us in the simple things and the parables that continue to be written.

Your poetry, your verse, your explanation of your faith. Oh, how I would have loved to meet you in person and to discuss the Lord and how He works in our lives everyday.

I can’t even imagine how my walk of faith had gone, if not for your wisdom and beautiful words.

I am forever grateful,




DSC05712Every day I begin my day with reading the Bible and my devotionals.


DSC05712 I have been turning the pages of Streams in the Desert for over twenty-five years. The timely message continues to resonate truth in my heart.


DSC05712She has changed my mind when I was angry; encouraged me when I was sad; uplifted me when I was troubled. She has explained so many life lessons and shared her favorite writers and poetry. All through reading these two little volumes.


DSC05712I only know that she spent many years in China and Japan on missions with her husband. When he became ill, she returned to the States. Her life, no doubt was a difficult one, but truly a life of faith.*


DSC05712If you have an opportunity to read these two volumes, you must. These two treasures are filled with spirit-filled inspiration for your daily walk of faith.


DSC05712 The words of encouragement and wisdom offer inspiration daily.


DSC05712These words belong to someone who walked her faith daily. Each book is made up of daily readings. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing and timely each day’s readings are, and I am not alone.


The song for this post is by Mercy Me. They take me right into the peace of God. The song for this post is Homesick. We all have loved ones that have gone home to be with the Lord. This song always reminds me that we will see them again. Both Mrs. Cowman and Mercy Me write from their hearts.

DSC05716*Mrs. Charles E. Cowman worked as a missionary with her husband in Japan and China from 1901 to 1917. They returned to the States when her husband became ill. He died six years later. Mrs. Cowman’s experiences and heartbreak led her to write Streams in the Desert and then Springs in the Valley. She died in 1960 and yet continues to inspire so many people through her books.

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TattingChic said...

That is a lovely post, Karen! What a lovely way to start out your day. I think you've inspired me to start reading my scriptures in the morning each day (now that I have time to do so) as I think it helps put the mind in the proper perspective.
Happy Sunday! :)

Claudia@DipityRoad said...
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Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Good morning ♥

I posted a totally mispelled version a moment ago! Break out the dictionary Claudia :)

Thanks so much for starting my day off beautifully.

TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

jeanne said...

Karen, you have inspired me to search out those volumes and put them in my daily reading schedule. Your post to day is inspirational. Thank you so much. Thank you too for your sweet comment on my post.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


SharDon Exclusives said...

Karen, once again, you are such an inspiration to me! There is no doubt that the Lord inspires us each day!

Cal said...

Thank you so much for that Karen. I will look for her books. Your photography is breathtaking.
Cal x

enchanting cottage said...

Your post is amazing and the books sound wonderful.

Vicki said...

Hi, Karen,
I am not familiar with these two books, but I am going to try and find copies. Thank you for recommending them. I thought your name sounded familiar when you left a comment on my Pink Saturday post, and when I saw your beautiful art work, I knew I had seen you on Etsy. I love your work, so cheerful and happy. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am new to blogging and love receiving comments. Vicki

Charlotte said...

These sound like wonderful books. I absolutely love the beautiful pictures in this post. Thank you for helping make our Spiritual Sundays a blessed experience.

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Karen,
I too have enjoyed Streams In The Desert for many years, Mrs Cowman's thoughts have helped me through so many times in my life. Thank you for sharing.

Clif said...

Wonderful, wonderful, post! I love your words and the beautiful pictures. Thank you. I am very familiar with these books. I have used many different devotional books over the years. I have kept them all. I am reading from three this year. The thoughts are short so I read from each one every morning. They came to me as gifts. I guess God thought I needed a little more help.

RCUBEs said...

Great pics that went well with your words! So inspiring! That's a beautiful collage of pics! God bless. Have a great Sunday!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

While I now read either Valley of Vision or My Utmost For His Highest, I went through Steams in the Desert during a few very difficult years.

How wonderful it felt to know someone else understood and could offer water for the parched soul.:)

SmilingSally said...

Beautiful pictures, music, and thoughts. Thank you. I hope that you had a Happy Sunday.

Elaine said...

Growing up I can remember my Dad and Mom both reading from Streams in the Desert. I now own that copy from my childhood and I treasure it not just because of it's sentimental value, but because I still find so much inspiration from it's pages!

I always enjoy your blog so much and it was especially lovely today.

Lisa said...

What a lovely post! The devotionals sound wonderful. I will look for them the next time I'm in the Christian bookstore.

kymber said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for stopping by to visit on Sunday - it is so nice to meet you!

I, too LOVE Streams in the Desert! I have been reading it as a devotional for years. She is such an inspirational writer and I always find such wisdom in her words. My book is very worn now, but one of my dearest treasures nonetheless! I will have to look for her other book now - I found my copy of "Streams in the Desert" at a library book sale.

Thank you for sharing today! - I look forward to reading MORE of your beautiful blog!
Blessings to you,