Go Figure

My creation


So, I turned off the computer for most of the week and said to myself..."Go paint something!" I have been busy all week painting. I love to paint with watercolor and of course I also love to create digital paintings. I call this series "Go Figure".


Why create paintings of throw pillows, you ask? Mainly because I fell totally in love with several this week, but I couldn't afford the expensive price tag. So, I thought, why not paint some throw pillows, because I am sure there are others out there who can't seem to justify paying one hundred dollars for a throw pillow, thus my final rendering...


Each 8 x 10 inch print is available in my little shop. I found this dreamy Fine Art Paper by MUSEO to print on, and I used my new printer, which uses archival inks. Oh I love it when the muse comes to pay, and the name of this new paper seems so perfect...MUSE O.

Onto prettier things, I painted my Paris Purse using my recent antique Parisian Pretty.

Paris Purse for etsy 3

I also added a broach button, which is a cameo of a little portrait dating back to 1908.


paris-purse-final-for-etsy-4Oooh la la can you imagine shopping in Paris, carrying this designer bag? Well, you can't shop in Paris without a matching pair of SHOES.


This is what it would look like in a frame.


Well, I am still busy at work creating more watercolor miniatures and making packages of Vintage finds for my Great Aunt Adelaide collection available on Etsy. I have been creating little Antique and Vintage stashes to go inside a pocket of one of my hand-made cards. So much fun.


The song for this post is Don't Let Me Fall and has as much rhyme or reason for this post, as painting throw pillows...Go Figure.

ASHLEYP.S. Speaking of getting old, I said to my youngest daughter who is eighteen. "I just love creating digital paintings, I can paint in Tweed!" She looked at me with that teenagie, what are you talking about stare and said..."What's tweed?"
Riet said...

Those throw pillows look great and I am sure look better than those in the shops. These are personel and handmade. Beautiful.

Sharon said...

Ah thanks for the shopping trip. I love your pillows and the shoes and the purse and well just everything. Sharon

Charlene said...

You gotta love those teens with their wordly knowledge of all things.... Isn't it funny how parents, grandparents, adults, get smarter after they move out into the real world? Sure helped mine. Cute Post! And yes, those pillow in the stores can make a girl choke when she has sticker shock!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Your mind just works more creatively than mine (of course that's not saying much). I always just love seeing what you have created - it's always something unique and beautiful, and these creations are no exception. laurie

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

You amaze me! Your art is so special.

jeanne said...

Karen, you are right about throw pillows. So pricey that I decided to make my own. Not painted, I sure do have your talent. Cut out and sewn. It is really easy once you get started. The secret is to have beautiful fabric and trim if you like.

Your comment about your daughter saying, "What's tweed?" gave me a good chuckle.

Have a wonderful evening.


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

They are so bautiful. I wish you a Blessed weekend...m..

Elyse said...

hi karen,

what a fun and very stream-of-consciousness post.


Claudia@DipityRoad said...

I would love to know how you do your wonderful-ness.

Just the joy of reading and having your fun music playing is my delight. Yes, I thought to myself you must be off being creative because when i stop by (daily...have to admit to being addicted i guess) and I found you had not posted anything "new" ...i knew that when you did post it would be something this magical.

Simply Divine!!!

TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

Drawn to The Sea said...

Love the Thank You note. There's a controlled freedom about your work that's so refreshing. I like the way you think.


Kathleen Grace said...

If I could find fabric like your digital purse I would whip up a purse fast as I could. It would look great!

KayEllen said...

What a beautiful blog Karen:)
I will be back!

So nice to meet you:)))

Have a blessed weekend!!