Monday, November 02, 2009

Louisa May Alcott

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My creationThere is something so magical about Concord, Massachusetts. No matter how many times I visit, I still feel thrilled when I enter the town.


DSC03989Surrounded by so much history, you can't help but imagine Louisa May Alcott walking down the streets in town, on the way to visit the Emerson home or a stroll along Walden Pond.


DSC03989I learned that a new book had just been published and that the author would be in Concord this weekend. She was doing a book signing in the quaint and charming old Concord Book Shop.


DSC03989The book is Louisa May Alcott, The Women Behind Little Women. Harriet Reisen spent many years researching everything she could possibly get her hands on to write this book.

"Every now and then, there appears a writer who has tracked a subject for so long through space and time that the resulting product ranks it superior to any of the facile interpretations or extended magazine articles that currently pass for biography. Such is the case with Harriet Reisen."
Marion Elizabeth Rodgers, The Washington Times


DSC03989She met with scholars and searched for all the resources necessary to write the book and produce the film. Listening to the author read excerpts from the book made me hear between the words that this project had truly been a labor of love.


DSC03989I listened as the little girl within came to life, as she read from her book. Perhaps the same little girl excitement that she had when she first read Little Women.


DSC03989There will be a film which will be aired on Public Television on December 28th, 2009. I peeked at the website and you can view video clips from the film. The DVD will be available soon. There is a fascinating photo gallery available for viewing.


DSC03989Although the author had come to sign books, I don't think that she was prepared for the rather large turn out. After all it is Concord, home of Orchard House and well, there are so many of us who share the same passion for Louisa May Alcott. We were almost spilling outside the doors to the shop.


DSC03989They ran out of books, can you imagine? So, I went around the corner, as suggested and bought a copy from the gift shop at Orchard House. I didn't mind, any excuse to visit there is always a welcomed one.


DSC03989My signed copy will be treasured. I had an opportunity to speak to the author and I mentioned how much I loved the scene in her film with actors sitting at a cafe table, while the background was of period photographs.

The Woman Behind Little Women from Nancy Porter Productions on Vimeo.

DSC03989It looked a bit like one of those altered art scenes we find in popular artwork.


DSC03989After reading the book I will put it next to the collection of treasures about the Alcott's. For now, I am lost in the dialogues of Louisa's writings and conversations.


DSC03989Inspiration...well, I just designed another Orchard House card. I used a delightful illustration from Louis's Journal from the 1800's. The Orchard house rendering is from 1838.


DSC03989The print is mounted on lovely pearl card stock in a beautiful shiny white paper. A taffeta ribbon in black and taupe accents the front and is tied inside.

My creation

DSC03989Inside the card I have added a glassine pocket with a bookmark wearing the same print.


DSC03989I added a touch of Vintage ribbon binding in an olive green.


DSC03989Orchard House and historical Concord inspire me every time I visit.


DSC03989Inspiration from Louisa May Alcott has bloomed into my designing countless paintings, photographs, altered books and hand-made card. All dedicated to expressing my love of her writing and my passion for Orchard House and the Alcott family.

My creation

Louisa May Alcott, The Woman Behind Little Women from Nancy Porter Productions on Vimeo.

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My creationThe song for this post is Orchard House.
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