Monday, November 16, 2009

Newbury Street Country French Inspiration

newbury street Inspiration

French-Country-print-for-frameCertainly a visit to the dentist office is not what I typically look forward to...however, when they moved their office to Newbury Street it made it much more pleasant.

Newbury Street Inspiration

French-Country-print-for-frameNewbury Street in Boston, is an upscale shopping district made up of fancy shops, great bistros and fun people watching.

Newbury Street Inspiration

French-Country-print-for-frameI had fun window shopping and browsing through a delightful French Country shop.



French-Country-print-for-frameWhile browsing, I couldn't help but notice a print of an Antique Hot Air Balloon painting. It was in a great big fat gold frame and it was hundreds of dollars. I couldn't wait to get home to design something similar.

French-Country-print-for-frameI took a hot air balloon design, which I created using an Antique French print and added this chunky French Country frame.

French-Country-print-for-frameI chose my favorite kind, which you can either stand up or hang on the wall. It's sitting on a shelf in my little etsy shop. But I can assure you it does not cost hundreds of dollars.

The song for this post was created for the television show called CHEERS, it is called Where Everybody Knows Your Name. The building where the show was filmed is around the corner from Newbury Street.


A finished dental appointment, a bit of window shopping, people watching, add a bit of creative inspiration, and I would say that it was a trip worthwhile. Top it off with a delicious cranbury scone and a good cup of coffee for the ride home (I took the scenic route) and it was a very nice day after all.

Newbury Street

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