French Inspiration


few French inspired designs in vignettes, cards, prints paintings, and fabrics. Sigh, I never tire of French inspiration...

Inspiration Stamp

I hear that Paris is Wonderful...

mosaic monday 24

French Inspiration


Eifel Tower French Flourishing


Parisian Hot Air Ballon

French Stationery


Paris Sepia




French Inspiration

Paris City Blue

Paris Sepia with Multiple frames

Dream Chair


French Postage

Hot Air Balloons

Everything is lovelier in Paris


Chateau, Evening in Paris





Evening in Paris Aqua and Pink


Paris Night Silhouettes


Tulip Tea Chair Companion

Paris, the city cream

Dress Form Parisian



Miss FashioniestaMerci beaucoup

OUM is the name of the song for this post.
Diana by Lagoa Design Studio said...

OMG!!! Excellent artwork! I'm impressed:)


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

What a copious and WONDERFUL POST! I so love that little bed and that first black and white image, Karen! The little bird and the old castle? MARVELOUS!!!
Bisous, Anita

cinner said...

What wonderful art , loved everyone of them. I am feeling inspired. thank you. have a great day.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Bonjour Karen! I love all things French too and your post started my day out perfectly!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Love this post! - of course, being an admitted, card-carrying, dues-paying Francophile, I would!

I recognize one image that I found at your Etsy shop. I still haven't mailed it to anybody - I'm hoarding it for a really special occasion! LOL

For more French - or more pointedly, Paris - inspiration, check out my latest blog post about the film Paris 36. You would love it, I believe!

Schotzy said...

Your work blows me away! Wow!!! And....
Check my blog... I'm having a 1000th Post Give Away!!!

Schotzy said...

Your work blows me away! Wow!!! And....
Check my blog... I'm having a 1000th Post Give Away!!!

Nancy Jo said...

I'm ready to go if you are. I really think it would be fun to go to one of there flea markets.
Did you watch the PBS. SERIES "CRANFORD"? Well I heard about it but didn't see it. Sooo I ordered the book, I was able to get a 1892 copy. Its such a charming Little book. Its 290 pages, but the book is only about 6x4. Hardcover, gold trim. I would like to find some of her other books that are this old. I know there are re-prints, but I want the old ones.
All your pictures today are so pretty, not to mention all the new things you have been making.
Nancy Jo

Paula said...

Oh, beautiful!!! Every single image...wonderful! And you KNOW, I ADORE the Serendipity Image! LOVE IT! Serendipity, as you probably can tell, is one of my favorite words...favorite ideas...and favorite destinations! Thanks for sharing such loveliness with us!

I'll be revisiting this post again and again!

Have a wonderful day!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh How I love this post Karen...thank you for coming to see my scribbles on NOWHERE! I haven't drawn since I was probably in high school. I like doing comic-style pen and ink drawings, especially silly animals. I so love exchanging ideas with the Dutchess, her and her Miss Moussie. I have a long way to go, but I would like to fulfill my childhood dream of publishing a simple book. WHo knows. Thank you also for thinking of me when you saw those chandeliers and castles!!! That's all me!!

Bisous my dear friend; what a lovely French post! Anita

Ann said...


What beautiful images! I am a lover of everything French and European. My grandfather came to the United States on a boat from Sweden when he was six years old. He lived in a Scandanavian settlement in Jamestown N.Y.

The French are the true creators of style and elegance! When I was in my 20's I saw with my own eyes my very first actual Chanel collection and I was blown away by the detail and the perfection of every garment!

Your post was beautiful!


Ann said...

Karen, what a beautiful post! I LOVE all things French and European! The French are truly the creators of style and elegance. If only I could master the art of how the French wrap a scarf...

Have a great day!


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Karen, your imagination takes me to a different world. These are incredible! The chair with the fabric that matches the flower arrangement - Wow! All of it is wonderful. laurie

Kathleen Grace said...

So pretty it makes me want to gather up some of my very best bloggy friends (you among them!) and fly to the French flea markets. Can you think of anything more fun!? Ahhh, it's a pretty dream:>)

Anonymous said...

OH! How I love all things French! Gorgeous artwork and beautiful post, Karen!

Sarah said...

I think I'd seen my favorite then scrolled to the next one and there was yet another favorite. I'm so loving this site!!!