Friday, March 19, 2010

Pink Saturday


DSC05452Bev from How Sweet The Sound is hosting Pink Saturday. Please stop by and visit all the Pink Posts.


DSC05452It all started when my daughter wanted to create some special centerpieces for her best friend's bridal shower.

Vase Jewelry

DSC05452She asked me to create some charms to dangle from the small crystal vase.

DSC05452I found a wonderful supplier on Etsy, Kristen's Krafts. I ordered a starter kit, but she has quite a selection of different designs.


DSC05452What you need to create these charms is Glossy Accents to glue the design leaving a transparent finish, heavy duty glue to add the finding on top, scissors, findings and glass charms. Kristen sells all of the supplies you will need to create any shape charm.


DSC05452I love using scrapbook paper with a design on both sides.


DSC05452First you find the spot you would like to use. Trace the area, cut it out.


DSC05452Then add a thin layer of glossy accents and place the paper on top.


DSC05452I then put the glass tile with the design side down on a paper towel, in case the glue leaked a bit.


DSC05452I waited for the tile to dry for about five minutes. Then I added just a drop of the glue to a toothpick and added it to the finding. When I attached the finding to the charm, I made sure that it was centered. Then I waited for that to dry. Two hours is a good time to leave it to dry.


DSC05452You can do the same thing using Chandelier prisms that are flat on one side. I found some lovely ones in a Vintage shop.


DSC05452Place the prism on top of a piece of scrapbook paper, and find something you like.


DSC05452Then trace it with a pen or pencil.Cut it out.


DSC05452Add a thin layer of Glossy Accents.


DSC05452Place your paper with the design you want to show through, on top of the prism. Don't worry Glossy Accent is magical, it will dry transparent.


DSC05452Put the prism upside down on a paper towel to dry.


DSC05452When it is dry, trim the paper, I like to leave a bit to fold over the sides a bit.


DSC05452Then add a drop of glue to the finding, and add to the back of the Prism.


DSC05452Leave to dry.


DSC05452When you are finished you can add a bit of ribbon and turn your glass charms and prisms into all kinds of accessories.

charms finished

DSC05452My daughter is enjoying planning her friend's Bridal Shower, and I had fun helping her achieve her vision for the flower centerpieces. The flowers on all the tables will be hydrangeas and tulips. The charm ties in nicely with the flowers and the glass pebbles in the bottom of the vase.


DSC05452The song for this post is A Charmed Life. I have just visited Fabulously French for the first time on Pink Saturday, and she is fabulously French! Stop by and wish her a Happy Pink Saturday. Here is a peek into some more ways you can use your charms and prisms.

A Charmed Life
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