Friday, May 14, 2010

Finding Beauty

Claudia from Dippity Road is hosting Finding Beauty Friday. Each Friday Claudia celebrates the beauty around us, and asks us all to join her celebration in Finding Beauty.

TIGER LILIESThe things that I think are beautiful seem to be different all the time.

My creation

TIGER LILIESPerhaps it is as simple as a beautiful old love letter...

Love Letters

TIGER LILIESA familiar park,


TIGER LILIESThe sights I drive passed.


TIGER LILIESA favorite view.

martha's vineyard fisheye

TIGER LILIESSailboats at sunset.


TIGER LILIESBeauty comes in all sizes and shapes.

My creation

TIGER LILIESJust like Claudia reminds us, whatever you find beautiful...just by stopping to find the beauty around you, you are embracing the moment and filling your spirit with joy.


TIGER LILIESMusic, I find all kinds of music beautiful, just like the song for this post Morning Elegance.

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