New Inspiration, A New Kindred Spirit, and A New Song

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Rose pointsettia 1It's a funny thing when you find a kindred spirit in The Land of Blog.   The minute you enter someone's blog, it's like walking into someone's home.  You have a look around, you see their favorite things through their photographs and listen to their music and you just know.

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A while back a lovely girl named Natasha came to visit me.   Her Blog is called 5 Minutes Just for Me.  

rose poinsettia 2

Rose pointsettia 1I loved her avitar and when I learned that she lived in Brisbane, Queensland Australia, I was intrigued.

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Rose pointsettia 1Then I went to leave a comment and stumbled upon another one of her blogs about Christmas.

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Rose pointsettia 1Oh, I knew that she was a kindred spirit for sure because she had a Christmas Blog, which she calls Keeping The Christmas Sprit, 365.  Oh, and if you want to hear some wonderful Christmas music, her playlist on that blog is just wonderful.

Rose pointsettia 1

Rose pointsettia 1Ever since I started visiting her, she has brought me so much inspiration.

On Sundays she hosts a lovely idea called Sunday Song, where you just share your favorite song.  And in keeping with her inspiration, she introduced me to Tracy Kent, who is singing on this post.

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Rose pointsettia 1Natasha wrote an amazing post the other day Called It's A Wrap, on her Christmas blog about gift wrapping inspiration from around the world.  It's really special and filled so many creative ideas for the holidays.

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Rose pointsettia 1This lovely lady is someone you might like to add to your list of blogs that you follow.

Nature's Christmas gift

Rose pointsettia 1She is sure to bring you sweet inspiration, as she has to me.

Rose pointsettia 1

Rose pointsettia 1Thank you Natasha, for your inspiration and for introducing me to the lovely music of Tracy Kent. I discovered that she also sings one of my favorite songs which she is singing for this post, Wee Small Hours of The Morning.  

My Sunday Song is from Natasha.

rose poinsettia 4

Natasha said...

Oh have just made me cry! I don't think anyone has ever said so many nice things about me before! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful post and your very sweet words. I will never forget this and I am truly honoured to have met such a wonderful bloggy friend!

Thank you!

Best wishes always,
PS I agree, we are definitely kindred spirits! I love both of your blogs too and could spend hours exploring them!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dear Karen,

It is truly special how we find each other in Blogland; it is an enigma that just keeps me reflecting on why it is that in the physical world, we are hard-pressed to find such souls....I love my colleagues and neighbors, and I KNOW that there are people right near me that may have the same ambitions as I do, but WHO HAS TIME? At least in Blogland, we can visit each other at the touch of the keyboard and receive a message late at night...GOd has certainly used this tool of technology to help us link with such inspiration, and for that I am grateful. I have always felt this way about you dearest, for you have opened up so much to me. Thank you and I will go and visit Natasha....she has got to be special to have a link to your heart.


Beverly said...

Karen, I am delighted that you and Natasha have found one another. She is a delight and a very special light for all.

Deb said...

Between you two ladies I am not getting much done around here because your blogs keep me busy. I love both your beautiful Christmas blogs and I have been a fan of Natasha's blog for months now. There is so much talent out there and you are both an inspiration to me. I am again checking out your blog. :) Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

JD said...

What a beautiful much to enjoy...thank you for sharing...

Vee said...

I know Natasha via her Three Sisters blog. I shall have to check her other blogs out as well. Thank you for telling me more!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, thank you so much for sharing the link to this blog! I love a beautiful Christmas blog and can't wait to visit! Wish I could give you a real hug for always inspiring us and caring! ♥

Mary Lou said...

I'm a Natasha follower too but somehow have missed out on the Christmas blog. NOT FOR LONG!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

You always introduce the nicest people and blogs to us, Karen. I know I will enjoy visiting Natasha

You are so very supportive and I always appreciate your comments to me.

ArtzeeChris said...

What a sweet tribute to a special friend, I'm fairly new to blogging but I love reading and seeing the artistic inspiration of others. Are the flowers you are picturing here a version of Pointsettia? They are so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen!

Aww..that's so sweet, I see here that Natasha was brought to tears reading this post of yours! How touching it is to see the friendship here in blogland.

Here's to the colour red! I think i need a new lipstick and nail polish shade!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Karen, Natasha is such a sweetheart. How nice of you to do this post about her. Your photos are beautiful. laurie

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

What a nice post! It is true that we find very special people in Blogland...I found you!

~ Gabriela ~