The gift of a love story on Valentine's Day

French Inspirationhis was not an ordinary day in the life of Jennifer Bowen.  She was going on a journey, not just any journey mind you, but she was traveling abroad.

French InspirationAs she dreamed of what magical places she would see in France, she made stacks of her things that needed to be packed in her suitcase.

French InspirationAs she folded each lovely garment she dreamed of meeting Randy when she arrived.  She carefully packed her belongings and daydreamed a bit.

roses She had not seen Randy in quite a while.  Would France bring a marriage proposal or would she become an amazing Fashion Designer and spend the rest of her days on her own in Paris?


French InspirationThe thrill of the unknown made her heart know that kind of excitement that only lives inside an unexpected love story.

Adventures of  A Vintage Suitcase

French Inspirationhe was traveling  to study fashion as an apprentice in Paris.  Randy was older and was working in the city and promised to show her the sights that perhaps only locals would know.


French Inspirations soon as Jennifer boarded the ship, she went directly to her cabin.  There on the little desk in the corner of the small room, she noticed a bouquet of white roses in a vase.


A love letter was sitting next to the vase.  It was from Randy...she read


 "I am counting the hours until you are in my arms again."

She was young, in love and going to Paris to study fashion in the fashion capital of the world.  She thought that her heart would surely burst with joy.

100_2083The amazing Karen Valentine from My Desert Cottage is hosting a Love Story party to celebrate Valentine's Day. 

I love to write and I promise I will share my real love story someday, but for now I have shared a bit of romantic fiction. Please join the many love stories that will be shared today.  

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day.

100_2083The song for this post is a Romantic Melody.

Happy Valentine's Day
Alison Gibbs said...

Happy Valentines Day - beautiful words

Cinner said...

Karen I loved this, your blog is always so beautiful. have a wonderful valentines day.

Beverly said...

Happy Valentine's Day, dear Karen. I've missed you on Pink Saturdays, and I hope all is well with you. It's just not the same without you.♥

And, thank you for this sweet and beautiful love story. It will make me smile all day.

Kathleen Grace said...

*sigh* wouldn't I love a romantic Paris vacation with my sweetheart~
Happy Valentines Day Karen!

Gabriela Delworth said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

~ Gabriela ~

My Vintage Studio said...

Love your post today!

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Victoria said...

It doesn't get more romantic than Paris and love letters! Sweet little Valentine's Day story and I love the pictures too:)

Jacalyn @ said...

Happy Valentine's Day. I love the "love" story!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest friend, I am overwhelmed with fatigue, work and the inability to keep up with all my dear readers...I am here in the middle of my lunch break only to come find peace and a beautiful message...thank you for your sweet visit yesterday! Anita

Lynn said...

I was totally hooked on this once in a lifetime romance to Paris, the beautiful roses, the love letter, the are quite the writer. Happy Valentines Day.

Cindy Craine said...

aahhhhhh Paris, white roses, what a great story, Happy Valentines Day!-cindy

Shirley said...

Dear Karen,
It was a wonderful ficton story and I will dream that love was the reason the trip to Paris came to be..
Have a Happy Valentine's Day..
Yours Sincerely,

Karen Valentine said...

That was fun!!! Thank you so for playing along with us! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!