French Script, the best things happen while you're dancing

pink french script tricycleRecently one of my customers ordered some French Script fabric from me.

French Script on Spoonflower

pink french script tricycleShe wanted to order a melody of colors

French Script in some of the many colors available

pink french script tricycleThere was Pink Script

Pink French Script

pink french script tricycleYellow Script

Yellow French Script

pink french script tricycleAqua Script

Aqua French Script

pink french script tricycleand Grey Script

Grey French Script

pink french script tricycleI think she is making throw pillows.

French Script colors

pink french script tricycleThis combination is a personal favorite...

I love the yellow and aqua

pink french script tricycleI love the colors she chose, they are so young and fresh.

French Script in some of the many colors available

I love Spoonflower,

I have met so many wonderful people, making the most wonderful creations with my fabric.  And I have worked with some of my favorite people in The Land of Blog designing custom fabric for them.

the london eye closerThe other day a girl from London who just graduated from Fashion Design school purchased some fabric.

100_0210It's so exciting to connect across the globe in such a fun and creative way.

paris-eiffel-tower,-flouirishingsI recently opened up another etsy shop which I call French Script.  I thought it might be a nice resource for people who prefer to buy through etsy.
The best things happen while you're dancing...

Dancing ShoeSome of you kids might not remember Danny Kaye, but he was wonderful as he sings The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing.
The French Bear said...

Oh, I love this fabric!!!! Thank you for your sweet comment about my post...I shall link up to Karen on Monday.....what a great idea!
One of these days I will do something French with this inspiring.
I do remember Danny Kaye..... those were the days!
Margaret B

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH BOY!!! THIS IS A HIT!!! I love my fabric dearest, and now that I have my two rooms in place, I will be upholstering my harp bench, FINALLY! I so love that aqua one too......YEAH! People are loving this script! BRAVO KAREN! Anita

Beverly said...

Karen, I'm so happy for you. This fabric is lovely.

I wish I could sew because I would love a pillow in the yellow script.

Blondie's Journal said...

Your fabric is beautiful! Pillows would be fun.

Congratulations on your new shop. I am sure it will be a big success! Best wishes.


myletterstoemily said...

dear karen,

i am amazed that one so talented and
gifted would even visit my simple blog.
it makes me grateful to you.

you are amazing.


Anonymous said...

Oh Karen, I absolutely love this fabric! Now I have to think of a way to use fabric so that I can order some of this!

Deanna said...

I adore the fabric. I was at your Etsy store and wanted everything! The pink script dress was to die for! I think I am going to get the Angel print. The eyes had me at hello.

Deanna :D