Winter Wonderland


DSC09161As I looked outside my window


DSC09161I saw a Winter Wonderland.


DSC09161So I went outside to memorize each snowflake,


DSC09161and there were many!


DSC09161Samantha and Cocoa came along,

Cocoa and Sam

DSC09161Cocoa can walk on top of the several feet of snow, but Samantha just watches a bit confused.


DSC09161Our little shed has completely disappeared with all the snow accumulation.


samanthaWishing you a lovely day...


DSC09161The song for this post is Anchor.


too much snow to climbI usually keep my red bow on the gazebo from Christmas and add a Valentine for Valentine's Day.  I can't trudge through that much snow, so my red bow is still there in reality...


 But I let Picnik add my Valentines this year.



P.S.  God is my anchor, and snowflakes are a gift from Him.  So please take the ones I memorized home.

What is whiter than snow...White Wednesday of course!  So,  I am joining Kathleen from Faded Charm, today celebrating all the posts celebrating the color White.  I am also joining Sarah, over at A Beach Cottage to share in Good Life Wednesdays.
Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

Love, love, love these photos and your dogs are lovely!
How I wish we lived closer to share a cup of chocolate!

~ Gabriela ~

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Hello Karen..always enchanting and beautiful when I visit..such a gorgeous magical post..magical winter-scape! Lovely!! I hope you are doing well and wish you a sparkling week ahead!

Pamela Holderman said...

Wow so beautiful! We haven't had any real snow since November and we were promised a hard winter -still waiting for it to come... love picnik too -haven't tried any for Valentine's day but now is the time.

Beverly said...

I want to share hot chocolate with you and Gabriela. Wouldn't it be wonderful?♥

Rayanne said...

Really enjoyed your sweet snowy post. Your doggy my favorite!

Blondie's Journal said...

Your snow pictures are just beautiful, Karen. Love that big red bow on the gazebo. I left up some red Christmas ornaments for Valentine's Day, Nothing says it better than red!

Cute puppies!


Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Karen,
Wow, your snow photo's are so pretty! and I love how picnik helped you with the red hearts.
Since I live in Calif. and we don't get snow where I live. I enjoy seeing your snow day photo's so much. I know its cold and messy when the snow melts, but it sure is lovely to look at.
Have a sweet day and keep warm,
Big hug, Elizabeth

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Beautiful snow shots! We never get much of this here in New Mexico. Nice to see.

Heaven's Walk - said...

Hi Karen! Your winter wonderland photos are just beautiful! You live surrounded by such beauty! And to think that each and every one of those snowflakes are different.

He is amazing, isn't He??? ♥

Happy WW! xoxo laurie