I Love Midnight In Paris



There were only two theaters in our area playing Midnight in Paris.  My daughter Sarah and I rushed to the nearest one.


It was one of those old theaters that look just like the ones you might see Woody Allen frequent in one of his old movies.

Paris NightsWhen we got to the theater, we had to knock on the door, it was locked.
Eiffel  with french brushes from Leslie Nicole


We were catching the last show and the movie had already begun.  They let us in and we grabbed some popcorn and a drink and rushed to our seats.

French Postage with leslie nicole brushes


Oh, we were so glad that we went to the trouble of traveling so far to catch this movie.

It was one of the best movies I have seen in such a long time.

hot air balloon

Written and directed by Woody Allen. Starring Kathy Bates, Adrien Brody, Carla Bruni, Marion Cotillard, Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen, and the adorable Owen Wilson.

Sarah agreed.  At the end of this charming movie the audience broke out into applause.

french script layering


We all thought that the movie was totally delightful.

french dreams

Midnight In Paris is filled with chuckles and romance.

french brushes and texture by leslie nicole


The costumes were magnificent and the music and lighting only put icing on this beautiful portrait of Paris!

paris film


I loved the story, the actors were perfectly cast in their roles and if I didn't already love Paris, this movie made me love it even more.

french brushed rose

I believe that Woody Allen painted Paris enchanting, with his choice of music, actors, backdrops, costumes and wit.

French Inspiration


If it is playing in a theater nearby, do go.

And if you have to travel a ways to see it, do go anyway!

Elephant, meet me in Paris with leslie nicole brushes

Paris Nightsit makes you laugh at yourself when you learn the moral of the story at the end.

Red Flower Letter using Leslie Nicole French Kiss textures and french brushes


Oh, and it does have the happiest ending!

"MIDNIGHT IN PARIS is Woody Allen's valentine to the City of Light"

When you see the scene with this music playing, you'll think of me and be glad I told you to go see MIDNIGHT IN PARIS.

French Brushes from Nicole Leslie

French Inspirationhe lovely French brushes are free from the very talented Leslie Nicole.  I also used some of her magnificent French Kiss textures on some of my images.

There is a contest sharing her French brushes this week.

"Leslie Nicole is an American artist, photographer and designer living in the Loire Valley, France."
Vee said...

If I find it, I will go see it based on your recommendation alone.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

So glad you got to see the movie with your daughter and isn't it great when you see a movie you really enjoy.
There is a great cast and yes, anything to do with Paris, I love too.
Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing the movie when it comes here.

Happy weekend

Elyse said...

hi karen,

i already wanted to see it but now i'm bursting at the seams to go! it sounds like a fabulous night out with your daughter. i love a good woody allen film and i can't remember the last time i went to one in the theater. it's been a while. thanks for sharing your thoughts of it.

i love a happy ending. :)


myletterstoemily said...

my daughters and i went to see it, too!
wasn't it just adorable? i LOVED the
cole porter and fitsgerald and hemingway.
the entire movie was a joy.

Elaine said...

Wow, I was just thinking of this movie and there it was, a post on your blog! Now I am definitely going to see it.

Glad you enjoyed it. I am sure I will too.

helen tilston said...

Hi Karen
I wholeheartedly agree with you. It is one of the best movies of this year. I plan on returning and seeing it again. There is so much in it and I would like to pay closer attention to the dialogue.
I feel Paris will be inundated with tourist this year

Sarah said...

I plan to go asap. All I've heard is great reviews. Paris is my all time favorite destination. Can't wait to see this movie. Love your post! ~ sarah

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Karen, when I read your comment to me yesterday, I immediately bellowed out to Ruben on the other side of the house that we need to see this movie. Oh how marvelous to give tribute to an ideal, an icon, a place where you MUST put on your rose colored glasses to see the charm in a place that has so much romance, tragedy and controversy attached to it. But lovers of Paris make her shine. Merci mon amie, Anita

Dolores said...

You've really tweaked my desire to see this movie, it sounds wonderful.

Your pictures are so pretty!

Suz said...

This is beautiful, Karen. I have heard from several friends that this is a movie we must see. Now I am really convinced. You do such a lovely job!

Belle Inspiration Magazine said...

Bonjour Karen,
Everyone here in Paris is clamouring to see it as well. I need to go asap. Your images are so lovely, especially the flower near the bottom with the script and tag. Well done!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

This is definitely one of the movies I want to see this summer-not on Netflix, not on the airplane, but on full screen relishing every image. Thanks for the recommendation--I've been watching the buzz ont his one.

Martina said...

Sounds like totally my kind of film - will go and see it! YOur pictures here are very lovely too.

Natasha said...

I haven't seen this yet. I guess it has started here in Oz-we always get things so late here! I will definitely look out for it. Thanks for the recommendation!

Hope you have been well. It sounds like you are enjoying the beautiful summer weather. Have fun!

Best wishes and happy week,

classic • casual • home said...

Such a pretty post! Now I really want to see the movie. I love Paris!

Olivia said...

So happy you enjoyed your movie! Love your graphics and darling post!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Most precious Karen,

WOw. Your comment had to be re-read and cherished several times, and still, I do not know if I can do service to responding what is in my heart. It takes me hours of processing before I can really write what I think, but all I can say is that you have literally been with me since i first started to blog. Many first-time friends have dropped off for one reason or another, but you and about 4 other dear friends have stayed with me. To think that you have seen progress in me is what I need to know. But I think we are able to see that in each other as we go down this path TOGETHER...and I thank you for staying with me. I am thankful that I have stayed with you to CONSTANTLY be blessed by your own personal journey. Writing has always been at the far end of my road, but I don't think some people, like myself, are ready any sooner UNTIL they have met up with other things along the traveled path. Perhaps it is finally time in my mind to understand the commitment it takes to write well, and that is what I believe I am ready to learn and most of all, DO. MERCI MILLE FOIS MON AMIE for your kind words of encouragement that mean the world to me. Enjoy your day, and THANK YOU for your comment about the crown post! I must redo that one and then provide a link!!!!! Anita

Rhondi said...

Hi Karen
It sounds like a wonderful movie. I'll have to see if it's playing here anywhere. I'm having a porch party tomorrow. I hope you can stop by.
Hugs, Rhondi