When You Were Young

Sarah with KimKlassen Yesteryear texture


Today is Texture Tuesday and this week's theme is to use texture on people.
Ashely in KimKlassenlove Texture


I have been using photos of my daughters Sarah and Ashley today.  I have been working on creating scrapbooks for both of them.

They are twenty and twenty two and I would love to surprise them with scrapbooks of their own.

Ashley and Sarah in KimKlassenlove texture

Many of my photos are from film and I only have one copy in some instances.  Isn't it grand that we can so easily transform our photos and duplicate them?

KimKlassen's SweetTreat texture

Wishing you a lovely day...don't forget to take time to smell the roses.

kimklassencafeTexture Tuesday is filled with gorgeous photos today at Kim Klassen's Cafe.

The song for this post is WHEN WE WERE YOUNG.

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

How wonderful ~ Love the addition of Kim's textures.
Been working on a photo album here for our oldest who graduates this weekend. What memories :-)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest, I am having so much fun relaxing and filling up with joy. Your daughters are amazingly beautiful and I have been smelling the flowers...but unfortunately, I have SEVERE ALLERGIES! I had a BLAST yesterday gardening, but wow..am I paying for it today!!!

HAVE A LOVELY DAY DEAR ONE and Balzac will be making his way to you soon...Anita

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Beautiful photos. V

Kathleen Grace said...

What adorable little girls! Your daughters are very close to the same age as mine (23 and soon to be 21) I have often wished I had my digital camera back when they were little. Their photos are so grainy and faded!

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

I really thought that the one on the first photo was you! They are adorable and funny!

~ Gabriela ~

Cedar said...

Wow! What beautiful girls--love their eyes! Great use of textures!

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Karen...I too love Kim's textures to the photos,,,, your girls are so beautiful and adorable.....
Have a great week.


Dolores said...

Oh Karen, these are such precious pictures of your beautiful daughters!

A picture scrapbook for your daughters will be priceless to them.

I hope you'll post some pictures of them when you're finished.

I pray you're having a good week!

The picture with the rose bush and your girls is so sweet...


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love these pictures Karen. You girls are so adorable! I know they will love their scrapbooks..


Beverly said...

I'm so glad to find you here today. I've had you on my mind. Please know that I keep you close in my heart.

Your photos are wonderful. It must make your heart happy to stroke these sweet memories.

classic • casual • home said...

Beautiful photos...and I will try to smell the roses today...great to have that reminder.

Chris Graham said...

As much as I love photography I need to research adding texture.
Your photos are so beautiful.