reaming, can inspire a creative way to repurpose almost anything.

Even the most unusual things can be turned into planters to decorate a front porch.

I dream of snowy days on hot summer days.

An artist might be dreaming of something completely different as he paints, 
even in the middle of Newbury Street.

Even dogs have daydreams while waiting for their owner to return. 
I kept a safe distance when I took this photo!

I dream of Autumn sweater weather on hot summer days.

A ride on a Duck Tour would be nice,
so I could daydream whilst looking out the window seeing the Boston sights.

Ahhhhhh, music always helps me to dream.

Why even cows have dreams to travel to distant lands.

Hot air balloon dreams often find their way into my mind.

Oh, I know, I know...I must memorize these summer days,

because when the snow arrives, I will be dreaming of today.

The song for this post is I KNOW.

This dreamy texture, which I used on all the photos in this post, sent me dreaming.  The name of the texture is DREAM by the lovely Kim Klassen.

I am in love with her new DREAM brushes.

This Texture Tuesday is the Dream eDition.

hank you for your comments on my post the other day.

The winner of my card kit giveaway is Cinner, from Me and My Four Chins, and Things about who what when where and why...all the way in beautiful Alberta, Canada.

Congratulations Cinner, I will leave a comment for you to send me your mailing address, so I can send it by post.

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Karen,

Love all these photos...I am longing for snow...


sissie said...

Beautiful thoughts, photos and inspiration.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Karen, you are my mentor, I your secret student. YOU taught me, through my observation, how to make poetry. THANK YOU. Your words, so eloquently placed next to each appropriate image have shown me how effective thought can be when artistically arranged for the eye. Stunning as always my dear....Anita

Vee said...

Oh I downloaded that background the moment it came in. Love it! And I love what you've done with it making everything look so positively dreamy. Yes, we will be thinking of days like today in January. Actually, it was just the day before yesterday when I was thinking of a January day. ☺

Have a delightful day, Karen!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos - dreamy inspiration!
Have a lovely one, Karen!!!

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

So delightful ~ love your images and wonderful application of Kim's texture. Have a wonderful day ~ Rebecca

deb duty said...

Such beautiful photos! My favorites are the cow and the hot air balloon. Lovely texture work too.

Geri Centonze said...

Love all your dream photos! Hope you'll come over to artseebloggers.com and list your blog - we have a photography category =) I've created the site as a directory of the creatively inclined.

Pat said...

This is a fabulous post - so many ideas - brilliant, really. I especially like the snowy dream!

Ruth said...

Hi Karen, what a lovely post! I also wanted to say thank you so much for your stopping by at my blog earlier, I'll certainly be visiting you again!

Dolores said...

So beautiful and inspiring!!!
I'd love to sail away in the beautiful hot air balloon.......

Beverly said...

Karen,I love your photo treatments. Every one is a work of art.

I am definitely dreaming of cooler days. It is so ... hot here.

Only Cute Things said...

Hi Karen! I love your art!

Love all these photos, are wonderful.